Cuckold Boot Camp Rewind

Now that we are into a new decade, we at Enchantrix Empire thought it might be fun to go back in time. Why not visit the last ten years and see just what posts you found the most tantalizing, sexy or just plain fun to read! Join us for a Cuckold Boot Camp Rewind

10. “The Accidental Cuckold,” by Mistress Simone

Cuckold Boot Camp Rewind - Ms. Simone - Kinky Phone Mistress

Cuckoldress and Demon Mistress Simone describes the titillating tale of how her boyfriend accidentally became a cuckold – during a game of strip poker! To read, click HERE.

9. “Cum-eater cuckold, clean the creamcicle!” by Mistress Rachel

Top 10 - Ms. Rachel - Sensual Domme

Cuckoldress Miss Rachel understands good cuckies know what a creampie is. She wants you to understand what the cum-covered cock of your wife’s bull is called – a creamcicle! To read, click HERE.

8. “Beta Husband Training Academy,” by Mistress Olivia

Cuckold Boot Camp Rewind - Ms. Olivia - Experienced Mistress

Cuckold Mistress Olivia discusses the beta husband’s role, and just what it means when he embraces his destiny. Thus begins the training for the cuckold beta husband. To read, click HERE.

7. “Ebony Femdom Cuckolding,” by Duchess Willow

Top 10 - Duchess Willow - Ebony Femdom Phone Sex

You can always count on Duchess Willow to tell you like it is. If you are looking for a Black Supremacy Cuckoldress, this Ebony Femdom will show you the meaning of the black domme experience. To read, click HERE.

6. “Your Wife’s Cuckold Bull Makes You Wear Panties to Humiliate You,” by Mistress Piper

Cuckold Boot Camp Rewind - Ms. Piper - Your Naughty Phone Mistress

Mistress Piper explains just what it means when your wife’s lover makes you wear the panties. The goal? Your humiliation, of course! To read, click HERE.

5. “How to be a Good Cuckold Husband,” by Mistress Cassandra

Top 10 - Ms. Cassandra - The Dicktator

Mistress Cassandra outlines a checklist of what it takes to be a good cuckie for your wife. She will transform you from hus-bore to cuckold husband! To read, click HERE.

4. “Cuckold Chores: What to do on Date Night,” by Mistress Christine

Cuckold Boot Camp Rewind - Ms. Christine - Cuckold Fantasies

Remember Mistress Christine? Well, it is date night for your sexy Mistress and cuckold, you have chores to do while she is out. And if you are lucky, maybe she will bring back a well-hung stud just for you! To read, click HERE.

3. “Your Cuckolding Fantasy: Three Things you Need to Know,” by Mistress Erika

Top 10 - Ms. Erika - Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Cuckoldress Ms. Erika explains the intricacies of your cuckold fantasy; what it means, why it arouses you, and what happens. To read, click HERE.

2. “How to Convince Your Wife to Cuckold You,” by Mistress Hunter

Cuckold Boot Camp Rewind - Ms. Hunter - Intelligent Fantasies

You know you do not  measure up, and you admit it freely, but your wife is unsure about committing to the cuckold lifestyle. Mistress Hunter provides guidance on how to make your wife feel comfortable with making you her cuckold bitch! To read, click HERE.

1. “Lesbian Cuckolding Ebony Femdom,” by Duchess Willow

Top 10 - Duchess Willow - Ebony Femdom

The Ebony Femdom is here to cuckold your wife! That is right, the Duchess and your wife entwined in some lesbian femdom cuckolding action. Learn what it is to be cuckolded by a black woman. To read, click HERE.



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