She says, “I’m going out with my girlfriends…”Do your cuckold chores for Ms. Christine. (800) 356-6201

Ahhh, it’s date night again, cuckold.  And your sexy lady is planning on being out for a LONG night of fun. She says that they are planning the usual, “We’re going for a meal and then on to a club and then who knows?” But really, you and I both know what’s going to happen.  She’s going to find a stud with a really big cock!  Maybe she’ll go back to his place or perhaps she’ll even invite him back there to meet you. Whatever cuckold chores she decides you will do, I know you’ll be waiting on your knees at the door like the good little cuckold you are.

Cuckold Chores

Now, just in case she brings her Bull back there – and believe me, that’s highly likely – you’ll need to do the list of chores that she left for you on the counter.  You do want to please your Mistress, don’t you? I want you to prepare the bedroom – make sure there’s fresh bedding for them to mess up. Stock the bedside drawer with condoms and have the Champagne on ice. You will be serving them in your pretty maids uniform by the way. So make sure you’re wearing it before you assume the position at the front door.  In fact, make sure you’re wearing it while you get all your cuckold chores done!

Cuckold Anticipation

When you hear the car pull onto the driveway you’re going to be desperately trying to listen for the sounds of laughter – hoping that she hasn’t brought that bull home with her. Of course you know that he’s just going burst out laughing as soon as he sees you kneeling in a maid’s uniform – he won’t even feel bad for you at all when she tells him that he can fuck her…now!

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