This is how my boyfriend turned into an accidental cuckold.

You might recall the last post about cuckolding your filthy wife?

Well, I wanted to elaborate on that post.  I first learned how to cheat on my boyfriend by this technique before I was even married.   I was invited over to poker night by some of his friends.   It took several months, mind you, of getting to know the guys there.   I really looked forward to those game nights. This is how my boyfriend turned into an accidental cuckold.

I loved it, after a few months, when we played strip poker.Ms. Simone's boyfriend becomes the accidental cuckold.

I remember it like it was yesterday.    The guys seemed to lose a lot at first.   I remember, how horrible they were at playing the card game.  I loved seeing their individual cocks twitch for me when they had to strip.    I always looked forward to Saturday night when I could have my own personal strip show.   They, of course, acted like it was no big deal seeing three strange guys naked.  It was, after all, a fair game of strip poker, and they couldn’t help that I always seemed to have a winning hand.

Then something happened, and I started to lose at the game.

The first time I lost and had to strip out of all of my clothes, I felt really shy and dirty.   But, they convinced the younger version of myself that it was only fair.  After all, I had seen them all naked.    I remember my boyfriend watching intently the first time one of the guys played with my nipple and smiled.

My accidental cuckold loved watching the guys take turns on me, playing with my nipples.

A week after that, they took turns sucking on my nipples while my boyfriend watched.

I bet you can imagine what happened the following week!

Yeah, that was the week I turned into a slut and my boyfriend turned into an accidental cuckold.

 Are you ready to do it for real… to be an accidental cuckold?

Let’s make it a role play!


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