What is beta husband training?bet husband cuckold training by Experienced Mistress Olivia

You might suspect that your beautiful wife is cheating on you. You know as a beta husband you aren’t man enough for her. But, what do you do?

Searching for Answers

Do you look online for answers to her behavior? I’m asking you because I see your browser history. I already KNOW the answer, I just want to watch your squirm as you confess that you’re researching cuckold stories.

When you resist your cuckold destiny…

Should we go to counseling? MEH! I don’t need counseling. I’m getting all that I want. Too bad if you’re a little frustrated. One thing I do want to end is all of your whining and complaining. That’s boring! There is a place in my life for you and now you just need to embrace your destiny.

Cuckold Training for the beta husband….

Some beta males embrace their new role. Other inferior men need special instruction. I bring you to my friend’s place for (what I tell you) is intensive counseling that will totally transform our marriage. ~laughs~ Oh yeah, at the end of your training you will be completely obedient and subservient.

Your cuckold training begins…

After a rigorous admissions process you are assigned a class schedule. I’m looking at you and smiling a beautiful, but devious, smile. I laugh as you start to tremble. I say, “The training is intense. I won’t be here all the time. My lover just arrived. I’m going to spend some time with that sexy, hot Alpha man while you get started. I’ll check in with you later.”

What kind of cuckold will you be?


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