You’re probably thinking, “What is reverse cuckolding?” and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t entirely sure if it was even a thing until a recent call I had that assured me reverse cuckolding is, indeed, a thing.


What is Reverse Cuckolding?

Cuckold Bootcamp Reverse Cuckolding with Mistress Hunter

The Ultimate Humiliation: A black man being cuckolded with a white man because he doesn’t measure up.

Reverse cuckolding, at least in this case, is where a black man is being cuckolded by his wife and the bull is actually a white man. My caller, a black man we’ll call Rob, informed me that he was a black man who has a decently-sized penis but it doesn’t live up to the “big black cock” standard.Unfortunately, because of this, Rob has been unable to really please any of his girlfriends- past or present.  His current girlfriend, now wife, decided that she needed something more than Rob could give her and began dating a guy from work. This guy from work, we’ll call him Brad, just happens to be white, with a much larger-than-average cock.

Imagine the shock and humiliation Rob felt when he realized his hot wife was cuckolding him with a white man because in his case, the BBC stereotype doesn’t hold up.


Cuckolding and Humiliation

Cuckold Humiliation with Mistress HunterWhile not all cuckolds enjoy being humiliated, many of them do- whether it is overt or implied.  The fact that they either aren’t large enough, can’t last long enough, or can’t get hard enough to please their woman sexually or the fact that she has a much higher sex drive than he can keep up with play a large part in the cuckolding fetish, whether it is verbalized or not.

While it isn’t always a black man who plays the cuckold bull, more often than not, it is, and; more often than not, the one who is being cuckolded is a white man.  That’s what makes this reverse cuckolding scenario intensify the humiliation aspect of cuckolding.  Not only can the black man not measure up to the typical stereotype of having a big black cock, the white man who plays the bull is atypical in the fact that he does actually have a big, nice, thick cock.  That’s a heaping double-scoop of humiliation, right there!



Racial Humiliation and Cuckolding

Cuckolding and Humiliation with Mistress HunterA lot of times, racial humiliation is included in cuckolding with the hot wife and the black bull asserting their dominance over the cuckold by making him beg for that big black cock since his little white dick doesn’t measure up.  The reverse cuckolding scenario also included racial humiliation but in the reverse.

The white bull was belittling the black cuckold because he has a tiny dick while making him thank him for having a big white dick that pleases his woman when his little black dick can’t even come close to pleasing her.  Heaping insult on top of injury, the hot wife makes her black cuckold beg to fluff the white bull’s big, thick cock, all the while thanking him for being the real man he is not.

The dutiful cuckold, Rob fluffed the white cuckold bull before he fucked his girlfriend and cleaned up the cream pie afterward while listening to her talk about how much bigger that white cock was than his and how his little black dick would never be able to please her again.


Not All Cuckolding Involves Humiliation or Big Black Cock

While this particular post is about the humiliation of being a cuckold and further humiliation by being reverse cuckolded, not all cuckold scenarios involve humiliation or big black cock.

As I’ve said many times on the phone and in my cuckolding posts, there is no one-size-fits-all cuckold scenario.  There are as many nuances to cuckolding as there are cuckolds, hot wives, and bulls. This is but one of those many nuances.

You have to admit, though, it makes for an entertaining, ironic twist, right?

I challenge you to think of your own cuckold motivations and the things you enjoy about the cuckolding fetish and see if there are some areas where you can try to expand your boundaries just a bit.  Maybe you’ll try something and not like it but- what if you try something, and you love it? You’ll wish you would’ve tried exploring and pushing your boundaries sooner. What have you got to lose?

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