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www.cockteasebootcamp.com – Do you find cock teasing irresistible?  Knowing she’s toying with you, purposely driving you wild, only to leave you with heavy, aching balls?  If you answered yes, then Cock Tease boot Camp is for you.

www.dominationbootcamp.com – Do you need a dominant woman to take charge of  you and your orgasms?  Do you have an insatiable need to be dominated and controlled?  Head over to Domination boot Camp!

www.humiliationbootcamp.com – If you find yourself turned on at the thought of a dominant, sexy woman laughing at you as she tells you you’ll never be good enough for you, then this site is for you!

www.mayicum.com – Do you enjoy not knowing whether or not you’ll get that much-coveted release after you’re all worked up and desperate?  If orgasm denial assignments appeal to you, check out May I Cum.

www.sissyville.com – Are you a sissy looking for assignments?  You can find assignments, training, and more when you visit Sissyville!

www.teasemafia.com – Admit it.  Just the name of this site makes you want to go check it out!  Go on, click the link.  What are you waiting for?