Preparing to be a Cuckold Fluffer

You love the idea of cuckolding but how do you feel about being a cuckold fluffer? Some of you already are cuckold flutters and cuckold fucktoys and love every minute of it. This post is for those cuckolds who may or may not have eaten cuckold cream pies but are a...

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Things a New Cuckold Can Do

Here are the top five things a new cuckold can do to help her find cock. You called me after visiting the cuckold fantasies website and asked me for advice. I listened to you express your deepest desires to see your wife with another man. You told me that you...

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How to Get My Wife to Cuckold Me

There are a lot of questions that people ask about being cuckolded, like, what's it really like, and, how do I get my wife to cuckold me? I can tell you what it's really like: deep, erotic humiliation and arousal combined with breathless anticipation while you wait...

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Lesbian Cuckolding Ebony Femdom

  Imagine walking in to your house to find your lily white wife engaging in facesitting and tossing my salad like a pro while I bust a fat nut and glaze her face with my pussy juice. It's called lesbian cuckolding, and you wanted to be the bitch that bad, that...

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