Hi there, lovers of the Cuckolding Fantasy! I had a very interesting conversation recently which motivated me for this post. The person I spoke with was a bit , shall we say, “freaked out” by their cuckolding desires. The fantasy turns him on, but he’s thinking about taking real time. He’s aroused but also dealing with some very powerful emotions! For him, pushing that boundary seemed too much. I had a lovely conversation with him, and he left me a bit “less freaked out”. I thought some of the interesting points which came up in that session would benefit if not titivate you.

Today, pets. Three Things You Need To Know about Your Cuckolding Fantasy.

Your Cuckold Fantasy

Explore Your Cuckold Fantasies.


For those who just stumbled upon this post by happenstance (haha, I know how NOT TRUE THAT IS!). Cuckolding is your lady stepping out on you, with another. Traditionally that “other” is a man. She becomes the Hot Wife to your cuck. But there is lesbian cuckolding, meaning your Lady is stepping out on you, with another Lady! I’ve also had some great sessions where the person is cuckolded by Sex Toys! Talk about a Mind Fuck!

Are you with me so far? Cuckolding seems like a simple concept, right? Well it’s a more complex kink than and today I’ll tell you three things you need to know if you find yourself having fantasies of cuckolding and what to consider before taking that fantasy out of fantasy land and into reality land!

Your Cuckolding Fantasy

Your cuckolding fantasy involves your lady receiving pleasure from others. Your brain tells you that the fantasies, you dream would be SO HOT if they would just bloom to life! You have spent numerous hours on the internet seeking out various cuckolding porn. But as you have probably ascertained no two cuckolding fantasies are exactly the same. For you to even think of taking your cuckolding fantasies to the next level you have to understand your particular fantasy. Here is a list of the more popular cuckolding elements so you know what type of cuckold you are

  • Teased and denied, knowing or suspecting your lady is stepping out. You stay home or even drop her off at her “date” and pick her up later.
  • Tormented by her when she returns, telling you all about her date, how hot he was, how his dick satisfied her. If you are a lucky cucky, she might have you cum.Or please her with your mouth. She’s already been fucked well so your dick isn’t “going there” get used to it.
  • Her bull lover comes to Your house. You greet him, show him to Her and you get to sit outside and hear her cries of passion
  • You are invited into the bedroom, and you sit and watch. Touching or not that’s up to your Hot Wife.
  • Not only are you invited into the bedroom but your participation is required! How naughty will you get for your Sexy Hot Wife and Her Bull

What Arouses You About Cuckolding

Now you have the first thing you need to know about your cuckold fantasy so you can relay it to others. Now we want to get into: What specific elements arouses you?

  • Some are aroused by the unknown, what she could be doing.
  • Are you more aroused by the humiliation of watching their Lovely Lady ,and being reminded of their place
  • Others are more aroused by what their Hot Wife will have them do in the cuckolding bedroom.

Before you consider taking your fantasy to the next level, it is most helpful to know what your triggers are. Being able to communicate them in a fantasy with me on the phone or taking it to your lady can ensure those hot buttons are pressed! If you are unsure, perfect reason to reach out to me ASAP! I’m well versed in the particulars of cuckolding and I love to discover and use those hot buttons. I have also been successful with helping others introduce cuckolding activities into their bedroom. Phone sex is so much MORE than just sex. It’s education, counseling and training as well!

Cuckolding Fantasy Can Remain A Fantasy

The third thing you need to know about your cuckolding fantasy is that it can REMAIN a fantasy! Some think a fantasy isn’t “real” or doesn’t represents “real” desire if you don’t take it to that next level. I know they are wrong. Our human brains are so powerful, and inventive in many ways we crave novelty and spice. Fantasies bridge that gap for us. Allowing us to play with elements of the kink without repercussions. I know, I’m in the fantasy business!

Entering into a real cuckolding relationship with your S.O. goes way beyond kink and has some very real repercussions if not handled responsibly.One does not have to enter into a cuckolding relationship RT to enjoy the sensuousness, the sexiness and down right naughtiness of a real life cuckolding experience, just ask me how!

Cuckolding Conclusion

There are many possible elements to cuckolding, knowing your particular hot buttons will make your cuckolding sessions explosive. If you don’t know what it is you like, I can help! on the flip-side if you know what turns you on, let’s play! If you do want to take your fantasy to reality do so with expert guided instructions. After all I play for the female team and know best how you should proceed and begin your cuckolding journey with your S.O. Check out my blog and my post on cuckolding to learn more about me.

Until We Chat ?,

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