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You realize your inadequacies and have no problem admitting them. In fact, you have voiced to your wife that she deserves to be pleased in a way you are not capable of pleasing her. It would make you happy to see her being pleased, even if that pleasure comes from elsewhere. The trouble is, she admitted that you are not really doing it for her sexually, but she has trepidations about actually turning you into her cuckold bitch. What can you do to convince her this is not only what she needs, but that it is also what you want? Here are a few tips.

Don’t Approach the Subject as Fucking Other Men

While there are some women who would be happy to oblige this request, the majority of women have a desire to remain faithful and committed to their marriage, and fucking other men just does not fit into that mold. Men get so excited in their wish to see their wives fuck other men that they don’t realize their enthusiastic blessing is actually more of a turn-off for her than a turn-on.

The best thing to do is to approach it as a way to enhance your marriage and the bond you two share. By providing her with what she needs emotionally and sexually, even if the “sexually” part comes from another man, your marriage can become much stronger because she will no longer resent the fact that you just aren’t enough for her. There will be a new level of intimacy apart from sexual intimacy.

Treat Her Like the Goddess She is; Make Her Feel Sexy

Make sure you tell her how beautiful she is, and compliment her daily on her looks and how sexy she is. Take her shopping and buy her some new sexy lingerie. Maybe even buy her some new jewelry. Wine her and dine her. Rub her feet. Give her back rubs and shoulder massages. All the while, keep telling her how much you love her and how sexy she is.

When she is nice and relaxed, tell her how excited you got that time she flirted with so and so. Don’t be crude. Just tell her it made you feel good to see her flirting, and made you proud to have such a sexy, desirable woman as your wife. Tell her you would love to see her flirt more often. That a gorgeous, sexy woman like her should be flirtatious, and that it excites you to see how other men want her, even knowing she’s married to you.

Slowly Introduce a Dildo and Sex Toys Into the Bedroom

After you’ve spent a good deal of time on the first two steps, weeks or months, not hours or days, try introducing a dildo into your sex play. Not a gigantic dildo, but one that is a little bigger than you are. Slowly tease her with the head, and eventually use it while you are licking her clit to give her amazing orgasms. Little by little, you can start adding some dialogue about how good it feels to have a nice big cock filling her full compared to your inadequate dick.

Eventually, if you do your homework and take your time with preparations, there is a good chance you will be able to convince your wife to cuckold you, turning you into her cuckold bitch. Just remember, don’t fuck it up and try to take things from zero to sixty in five minutes, or you will turn her off so fast she will never give it a second thought!

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