Learn to become a cuckold husband with Ms. Cassandra.From Hus-bore to Cuckold Husband

To transform you from hus-bore to cuckold husband takes a little re-wiring. First it starts with the proper attitude. That is the enthusiasm to be able to serve your Mistress in every way.

You have come to realize that your place in a cuckold relationship is to honor and obey. You may go online to find the proper etiquette in being the most honorable cuckold husband. You will learn the stoic manner of enduring the jealousy involved and do away with it entirely. To be stoic yet joyful is the key here. You will soon lose the “bore” with conditioning.

Pleasing the Bull as a Cuckold Husband

As a cuckold husband, you must learn to suck bull cock efficiently and with voracious intent. This is where strap on Mistress play comes in handy. Eating cum will start with you acquiring a taste by eating your own. Start practicing now, and do it frequently. Being submissive to him is also required. He may order you aggressively. You will soon become accustomed to his aggression. He is only a bull and you are much smarter. He is only a dick. Rise above and bite the bullet!

Groomer for Your Hot Wife

You will be your Femdom’s groom. You will tend to her needs such as a full body massage. A hot wife can get pretty sore and tired fucking a bull. Attention is needed in keeping her perfect body soft and fragrant. You will help her get dressed, seams straight, neck perfumed, zipper hooked, all things expensive, bought and paid for by you. The bull is never required to gift her with anything but his cock.

Domestic Servitude: Her Needs First

You must learn domestic servitude. The art of cooking, cleaning, serving, tending to the bedroom with clean crisp sheets, fragrant candles. Standing near the bed with a towel draped over your arm, dutifully for the hot couple. You will have the pleasure of inserting that cock inside of your hot wife should either of them demand.

Finally your Femdom may want you in a little pink nighty, sissifying you while you are granted stroke and cum after a sentence in the chastity cage. Being a good cuckold has it’s rewards. That is a happy Femdom, her needs come first!


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