Mistress Rachel is your cuckold adviser! 1-800-356-6169 I’ve heard it said that for the bored suburban housewife or soccer mom, romance novels and books like 50 Shades of Grey are the equivalent to the porn watched by their frustrated husbands. Men call it “emotional porn,” as they can’t possibly be as romantic, handsome, and quietly authoritative as the male protagonists of those books.

But if you’ve learned anything from Me in this series, it should be that women want more than romance. You’ve been spontaneously buying her flowers for years, and it doesn’t make her any more apt to fuck you, does it cuckie?

Take a peek inside any one of those books, and you’ll see that those male protagonists are all the things I mentioned, but have you ever read of a single one of them who also didn’t utterly satisfy their female counterpart sexually?

You’re right, you know. You can’t measure up to all of that. But there are men who can. Men who enjoy taking over and managing not just the needs and lusts of women like your wife, but your whole relationship, and to do so elegantly.

Cuckold bulls of this type can be referred to as The Boss.

The Boss will seduce you both.

Did you happen to catch the series I concluded recently on My personal blog**? If you’d like a picture painted for you regarding what it looks like when a cuckold bull Boss comes into your wife’s life, and yours, that’s as clear a one as you’re going to get.

It’s the tale of two cuckolds for whom I served as confessional around the same time, which was interesting. Add to that how similar was the evolution of each relationship, and I began to get fascinated. When I realized that both situations involved the same type of cuckold bull, it became almost eerie. The Femdom universe works in mysterious ways I guess.

The Cliff’s Notes of what you’ll learn from that series is that The Boss is a very intelligent, classy man. He doesn’t need to bully, and he wants far more from you both than to serve as a boy toy. He wants your utter submission. He wants your complete devotion.

He may even want your wife.

Don’t think you’ll escape humiliation and emasculation.

Where the Boy Toy is indifferent, The Boss is invested. Where the Bully demands, the Boss instructs, seductively manipulates.Mistress Rachel is your cuckold adviser! 1-800-356-6169

The Boss is the type of man you might meet when you seek out a third for a threesome, something to breathe new life into the familiarity that breeds, if not contempt, then at least boredom in a marriage bed of long standing.

He’s probably your age, maybe slightly younger. But a man of experience and self-control, what ever his age.

You’ll be excited, not just for the spice you expect the assignation to add, but because it’s the first time in a while your wife has expressed any enthusiasm for a sexual situation that involves you.

The Boss isn’t the type to show up and jump right into bed. He’ll want to get to know you. Both of you. He’ll want to be friends. He’ll tell you he’s not looking for a one-time thing, but a regular situation. It’s safer for all concerned, he’ll say, or something else it’s hard for you to argue with, though you might feel some nebulous trepidation.

He’ll want to do something like have dinner first. Something neutral where at first he’ll talk with you both about everything except fucking. He’ll want you to feel that who you are is important, but what he’s doing is gathering information. Subtly probing for vulnerabilities.

At the same time, the energy that surrounds him will be mesmerizing you. The Boss is interesting, funny, charming, relaxed, and discrete. A winner who gets what he wants without letting the entity from whom he wants it know they’re losing.

Mistress Rachel is your cuckold adviser! 1-800-356-6169Impeccably groomed. Well-dressed without being ostentatious. He will cut a commanding figure, but carry himself with such grace and humility that you will feel both inferior physically, and cloddish in your manner, without him ever lobbing a single insult your way.

Your wife will be gazing at him intently, coquettishly, glowing like a schoolgirl. Both of you will find yourselves wanting to make a good impression, not to seem too eager that you turn off a well-heeled man like this.

Then, at a calculated time, he’ll lean over and whisper to your wife to take off her panties. This woman, who has been no more adventurous than missionary once a month as she lays under you like a dead starfish, will do so immediately. Breathlessly. She’ll toss them at you under the table as if to say, “Make yourself useful. Do something with these,” without ever taking her eyes off of him.

Save those panties, cuckie. Soon, they might be all of her that you’re going to get.

He’ll want you there so that both she, and you, can observe the silent difference.

In the bedroom, he’s the type to take your wife in his arms, and kiss her. Decisively, deeply, and for a long time. You’ll be standing there watching, fumbling off your clothes while he undresses her, and then himself.

And then, almost as if you were a ghost in your own life, you’ll trail after them to the bed and watch him methodically, patiently, and persistently drive your wife out of her mind with his mouth, his hands, his whispered words, until she abandons all decorum and begs him to fuck her. And he will, with such great skill and passion that you’ll almost be jealous.

Of which of them, you won’t be sure.Mistress Rachel is your cuckold adviser! 1-800-356-6169

He’ll make a show of including you. Directing you.

Hold her leg. Kiss her breasts. Lick her clit.

Lick my balls.

And you will. Because you’ll want to do what ever you have to in order to continue to stay inside the bubble of a man like this.

You will admire him, but will never be him.

You will be in awe of what he unleashes in your wife, but also of him, by himself. You’ll like him. You’ll do your best to rise to the occasion because you’ll admire him. Besides, somehow you will feel that if you locate your balls and tell him that things have gone on far enough, and you don’t want to see him again, it will make you look like more of a beta to his Alpha than you already do.

Your wife will also never speak a kind word to you again. And he knows it.

Also, his presence in your lives might have a surprising effect on your marriage bed. At least at first.

Your wife’s libido will skyrocket, as The Boss opens new sensual and sexual doors for her, or old ones that have long been sealed shut. It will turn you on so much to see who she becomes with his cock inside her.

But he will be a busy man, living an accomplished life. He will not always be available to satisfy the hunger he has inspired in her. He’ll keep in touch with you both via E-mail or phone calls or texts. The conversations he has with you will take on an advisory tone, as if he knows better how to handle your wife than you do, and you’ll soon have to admit that he does. She’s not the woman you thought you knew. Not anymore.

Mistress Rachel is your cuckold adviser! 1-800-356-6169She probably won’t let you see or won’t tell you what he writes or says to her. It’s private, she’ll say. But you’ll know.

Meanwhile, when he is away you will have to do as an hors d’oeuvre while she pines for a real meal.

It will still be better sex than you’ve had with her in years, so you may think letting another man fuck your wife is actually improving your relationship.

And he’ll encourage you to think just that.

Did you punch above your weight class when you married your wife?

Was your wife a beautiful innocent when you met? Have you always secretly suspected that she only settled on you because her upbringing and lack of experience kept her from realizing that she could do better?

Is she a sensitive soul who fell in love with you before she realized how uninspiring you were in bed?

Did she marry you not because she found you hot, but because you seemed like a stable man who made a good living and could provide the kind of life she thought she wanted?

If she comes to understand this through The Boss, and he wants her, he’ll take her right out from under your nose.

Then you’ll be calling Me, sniffing the ever-fading scent of her pussy on those discarded panties, stroking yourself and obsessing over the fact that your wife cucked you, and left you.

You’ll also be asking Me to help you understand why it turns you on so much.

The Boss: In Conclusion

There’s no need for a conclusion, is there? The above says it all. He’s just better than you in every way. On every level. And no matter how much it hurts, you’ll find it hard to blame your wife for succumbing to his charms.

This is, however, the conclusion of the series Know Your Cuckold Bulls. I hope you’ve been edified, and that you now feel you have a rough idea of what to expect when the inevitable occurs.

If you find yourself needing further support or advice, or you’re simply throbbing over thoughts that sprang from what you’ve learned, feel free to give Me a call, and I’ll do what I can to help you resolve your mixed feelings.

Feel free to listen to Me read this post by clicking below.

Ta ta!


Miss Rachel, Cuckold Adviser


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