Hi, guys, have you ever heard of tgirl cuckolding? It’s pretty similar to lesbian cuckolding, in that another woman is the one fucking your wife or girlfriend for you, since you can’t quite do it properly yourself. But in the case of tgirl cuckolding, the lady in question has a real cock, rather than just a strap on. It’s an important distinction, I think.

Your Hot Wife Needs A Real Cock

In case you and I have never met before, I should introduce myself. My name is Princess Bethany, and I am a t-girl Princess. Yes, that means I’m a dick girl, a babe with a boner, a sexy trans woman who’s here to steal your wife! Okay, maybe I won’t actually steal her. Maybe I’ll just show her how she needs to be fucked and then leave her in your hands after I’m finished. But I’ll make sure to show her a good time, I can promise you that.

See, your wife is beautiful. She is the kind of woman who needs to enjoy a real cock. But we both know you can’t provide that for her. So you’ve probably imagined another man fucking her and giving her what you can’t give her yourself. But have you ever imagined another woman with a real cock fucking her instead? What a mindfuck, right? Your cock is so small that there are women out there who have bigger ones than you. My mere existence is small penis humiliation for you!

TGirl Cuckolding Is Always Fun

But let’s not get off track talking about your teeny weenie here. We’re supposed to be talking about t-girl cuckolding. And that’s a good thing because it’s one of my favorite subjects.

I would love to show your wife what the soft touch of a woman is like. I would also like to show her what it feels like to have a nice-sized cock inside her, too. Lucky for me, I can do both because, again, like I said, t-girl Princess!

I’ll even be nice and let you watch the show. I’m very generous like that. I like for all my cuckolds to see exactly what I’m working with and realize just how much they don’t measure up!

You Can Participate In Some Cock Worship, Too

Of course, if you watch the t-girl cuckolding show, there is an entrance fee. Someone is going to have to get this lovely dick of mine nice and hard to enjoy with your wife. And I’m not going to ask her to do it because she is a pillow Princess who deserves to just lie back and be pleasured. Don’t you agree?

Well, that means the job of cock worship falls to you. Do you think you can handle it? Can you wrap your lips around my beautiful dick and use your mouth to get it hard for your wife’s pleasure?

I’m sure you can. In fact, I bet you’ll do a fantastic job of it. And I bet it’ll make your tiny pecker hard, too. You won’t be able to help yourself. My cock is just that good!

So this is your assignment for today. I want you, after you finish reading this blog, to think about t-girl cuckolding for a while. Imagine your lovely wife or girlfriend being fucked by a trans girl like me, making her feel outrageously, insanely good. Now, pay attention to how hard your cock is while you think about this. Then, if you like, you can give me, Princess Bethany, a call and let me lead you through a hot t-girl cuckolding fantasy. I would love to hear from you about it.

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