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He starts texting with me because he knows I have a lot of posts about being a cuckold on my Experienced Mistress blog.  He thinks he might want to be a fluffer but he’s not sure how to talk to his girlfriend.

He’s turned on by men fucking his girlfriend.

Here’s how our conversation starts:

“Cuckold Curious: There’s this girl that I’ve been with on and off for many years and I’m thinking about asking her to see if we can try things out again. But the times that we’ve been “off” she tells me she’s been with guys with much bigger dicks than mine.  I think this is definitely the reason I get off on coerced bi and eventually feminization porn. I remember her asking me several times if her pussy still felt good. Got me really mad but turned on.”

What the hot wife, group sex, swingers and cuckold porn don’t show is the roller coaster of emotions.  Cuckolding is not for everyone because of the emotional element.  There is also the embarrassment of being aroused by something that also makes you feel “negative” emotions.

He wants his girlfriend to know about his cuckold and cock sucking fantasy.

Cock Curious: What’s the most concise way I can ask her to get back together and yet still show her that I get off on shit like this?

Olivia Olivia: So … let me ask YOU … how do you know she doesn’t already know that the cuckold / small penis stuff gets you aroused?

Cock Curious: She probably has a slight hint. But it’s just that, slight. I also haven’t fully given into those desires. I’ve gotten mad when she’s said my dick is small. Or that she’s been with bigger guys and the stuff she’s done with them.

Olivia Olivia: but you get HARD … and your body shows arousal … so if she’s paying attention … then I suspect she knows. Had you thought of that?

Do you think your partner knows you’re turned on?  Do you want her to know?  What questions do you have about trying to get into a cuckold relationship?  Send me an email:  Olivia AT

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