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You Belong At My Feet, Cuckold!

You’re a cuckold who loves pretty feet and toes? Guess where I make you cum? Cum Between My Toes for me.

Oh you thought I was going to say you’ll be licking my lover’s cum off my feet and toes? Cock that good doesn’t get wasted on jerking off–I make sure that cock gets crammed between my legs every chance I get! No, your cuckold small penis gets what it deserves: jerked off by your own hand, those pathetic balls emptied on my feet.

I even make you stare at your spooge as it seeps between my toes. You know it’s going to be so much fun going after that splash of jizz. Think it’ll make it all the way under my toes by the time I allow you to clean up your mess?

It’s a lot harder to eat your own cum after I make you wait after you squirt, and I love to see you struggle to serve me!

As I sit there with my legs crossed, you know what’s soaking into my panties, and if you want to taste my lover’s cum before it all drips out, you’ll get busy licking up the mess you made on my feet. I’m proud when I see you dive right in, when just last month you’d hesitate and make me threaten to punish you.

“Do I have to go soak my freshly fucked pussy in a warm bubble bath? Is that how I clean up tonight?” It only took one time of actually depriving you of my lover’s afterfuck to make you understand that I won’t put up with any insolence.

Now you eat cum on command, whether it’s my lover’s or yours. You’re such a well-trained cuckold, aren’t you?

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