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Ms. Christine On How To Humiliate A Cuckold

Let’s Start With Cuckold Chastity

Cuckold humiliation from Ms Christine

Humiliation with Cuckolding is like a shot of tequila with your beer!

I love humiliating a cuckold. It’s not enough to simply cheat on you – fucking other men behind your back doesn’t give me enough of a kick.  So from now on, I’m going to make sure you know all about my many lovers.   I need to know you’re feeling the pain and shame of having an unfaithful girlfriend. That’s still not enough though.  I want you locked in chastity.  I can only imagine what it must feel like for you when all my lovers walk around with their cocks free to fuck your girlfriend whenever they want – and your sits shriveled and unused in its tiny cage. You can’t get hard, touch yourself or cum and it must be so agonizingly frustrating, squished inside that thing knowing you’re never going to get to fuck your girlfriend again. Poor cucky – but chastity is only the start of what I plan to do to you to keep you feeling like an emasculated cuckold wimp.

Pretty Lingerie – For My Bulls!

When you’re trying to cuddle up to me in bed, feeling my hot body in your favorite lingerie set – which you bought for me! – pressing against your helpless caged cock… What am I doing huh? I’m texting one of my lovers to arrange my next date! I think I’ll give you the phone and make you text him for me. I’ll tell you EXACTLY what to write to make sure he’s SO fucking horny for your girlfriend.  How humiliating will it be knowing you’re getting him so hot he’s going to fuck the daylights out of me?  Once we’ve arranged all that, let’s have you order me something really hot and sexy to wear for him.  It’s so bad having to participate in my defilement, or is it?

More Cuckold Humiliation

It’ll drive you SO crazy wondering why he gets all the little pleasures that you’re denied. When I’m banging my next guy I’m going to record all the cute noises I make for him – the moans and squeals of ecstasy you’ve never heard me make for you – the sound of me enjoying orgasm after orgasm while he pounds me over and over. Then when I next let you out to hump your pity-pillow I’ll play those sounds back to you so you can understand what it would be like to be a real man… kinda.  You might even hear his grunts as he fills me with his cum.  One night, I might even bring you home a nice, warm cream pie!

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