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Facesitting Time, Cuckold

Enjoy the View

Hello cuckie, it’s the weekend and I know you are just aching to have me sit on your face! I have been teasing you all week  and I know you are hungry to taste my juices. I am going to sit on your face and enjoy your mouth on my pussy but there is a catch. While sitting on your face, I am going to have my big dicked boyfriend slide his huge dick into my pussy! Hee-hee. If you really want to pleasure me with that tongue of yours, you will have to do it while I am being fucked by another man! How do you like the sounds of that?

Facesitting You While Another Man Fucks Me

The facesitting cuckold; I like to think of you as someone that just loves to perform oral sex because you know deep down inside that you are not a good fuck. You realize that you are not the kind of guy that can use his dick to give a woman the earth shattering orgasms that you long to give. So, you learned to use your mouth. You are awesome at eating pussy. You love everything about the taste of going down on your Princess. You love making a pussy squirt and tasting all those sexy juices. That is very hot for both of us but we both know– I need more. I need to be satisfied by a hard cock and that is where you fall short. You could never fill me up and make me cum with the dick that you have so, I am going to make you my face sitting cuckold. You are going to love having me push my pussy against your face and as you lick me and get my juices flowing so freely– that is when my sexy lover joins in and slides his big dick inside me.
Turns you on doesn’t it? Licking me while his cock is pushing deep inside me as you continue to go down on me. Don’t you want to taste him too? I bet you would love to eat some fresh cream pie!

Princess Andi


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You deserve to be a cuckold.

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