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Cuckold Assignments From Ms Christine

Some Lessons For The Beginning Cuckold

Cuckold for Ms Christine

Are you ready to be my cuckold?

Cuckoldresses like me and the others here at The Enchantrix Empire are always on the lookout for new cuckold playthings.  We love to humiliate you and revel in your inadequacies as a lover.  The key thing is – your cock is way too small to satisfy us.  Small dicked men make perfect cuckolds!  So, here are two things I want you to do if you’re going to be my beginning cuckold.  They’ll help you accept the fact that you’re inadequate.

Buy A Penis Extender

The first step in any recovery program is accepting your inadequacy.  So, go ahead accept the fact that you have a small penis!  I want you to go out and buy a penis extension to put your little nub inside of.  Imagine just how humiliating that’s going to be!  Not only buying it, but sliding it over that pindick of yours! Call me up, get on webcam and let me watch while you slip it on.  Now, you won’t be able to see it, but I’m going to have this bored and “let’s get it over with” look. Want to know why?  It’s because I’ll be thinking of someone with a much bigger dick….like any one of my many lovers!  Do the same with your hot wife, and you’ll get the same reaction I’m sure.

So Cuckold, You’d Better Find Her Some Cock

That’s right, your second assignment is to find some big, thick, hard cock for your hot wife!  The best way to do that is to ask her what she envisions as her perfect lover – I guarantee it won’t be you!  She’s been suffering with that micro-penis for far too long!  Where will you find the perfect male for her? One of my callers goes to an Internet chat room for big black dicks, but that’s not my preferred method, nor are personal ads on the interwebz.  No, I say get her dressed up all sexy and take her out to a singles bar!  Oh, and if you just can’t manage any of this in reality, I guess you’ll just have to call me to live out your cuckolding fantasy, won’t you?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

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Cuckold Cock Sucker

If you want to be a very good cuckold for your partner, you need to know how to suck cock.

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Could You Be a Small Penis Cuckold?

The Case for Being a Small Penis Cuckold

Does it seem that your wife has lost interest in or dreads having sex with you? Would she prefer that you use a big, juicy dildo to fuck her, as opposed to your own penis? Does she make comments about your size or performance in . . . → Read More: Could You Be a Small Penis Cuckold?

Cuckold Bedtime Story

Can’t sleep? A good bed time story is always helpful for that! So here is a cuckold bedtime story just for you.

Cuckold Fantasies            Mistress Nadia

Your wife said she was going out for “girls night”, but you know the truth. You know she has not been satisfied by your tiny cock and . . . → Read More: Cuckold Bedtime Story

Does Your Small Dick Equal Sissy Cuckold

Small Dick Equals Sissy Cuckold

Are you one of those poor “little” saps who wishes you could step up to the plate and hit it out of the park, but alas, sissy cuckold, your junior bat is too small and weak to hit even a foul ball?

Are you physically incapable of satisfying a . . . → Read More: Does Your Small Dick Equal Sissy Cuckold

You are a Sissy Cuckold

So, it’s finally happened. You’ve come to accept the fact that things are changing in your household. Your wife has finally decided to turn you into a sissy cuckold. How exquisite! No need to play surprised. You knew this day was on the horizon. You told yourself as much every time the two of . . . → Read More: You are a Sissy Cuckold

Are You Ms. Piper’s Huge Cock Cuckold?

You know you can’t say no to me! Call 800-356-6201 to begin your training.

Are you my huge cock cuckold? You want to be, don’t you?

No, silly, that doesn’t mean you’re a cuckold with a huge cock! That would never happen! That’s a damn waste of a perfectly delightful big cock!

Besides, . . . → Read More: Are You Ms. Piper’s Huge Cock Cuckold?

Lawyer Role Play with Mistress Lilly

Legal role plays can be very erotic.

Especially when a Mistress plays the lawyer. Legal eagles have a reputation for fucking people over, but when it comes to a Femdom counselor, she can fuck you over with legalese and make you love it.

A cuckold has a binding contract.

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Cuckolded Husband

Why are YOU a Cuckolded Husband

You are a cuckold, but why is that? Why, cuck boy?

What has led to your being left at home to jerk off all alone while your hot wife is out getting screwed for hours by another man? Why are you left in the corner to watch a . . . → Read More: Cuckolded Husband

Cuckold Masturbation with Ms. Christine

It’s Masturbation May…even for the cuckolds…

Cuckold Masturbation Instructions

Sorry cuckold, but this post is really for the hot wives and cheating girlfriends out there.  I want to share with them just how they should allow you to masturbate, and how they can make you a better cuckold through orgasm control.  So, . . . → Read More: Cuckold Masturbation with Ms. Christine