Worshiping Your Wife’s Womanhood

So you enjoy getting on your knees cleaning up your wife’s womanhood after she has been with another man. Don’t you? It’s so sexually satisfying to know that she’s been with another man having sex? It is such a turn on for you, that your own cock begins to grow hard in your pants.

You enjoy worshiping her womanhood right at the epicenter. As this is what a cuckold does. And now you’re ready for your wife to cuckold you. You should already know to eat another man’s cum from her cunt is complete submission.

You want your wife to guide you to being a cuckold because of your naughty fantasies. The thought of her having sex and you secretly watching is the biggest turn on ever. You are a little cuckold at heart. Are you ready for seconds?

Adventures With A Bull

As a cuckold you are submissive enough to allow a bull to sleep in your bed and humiliate you about your small penis, so why does it get you so turned on watching her with her bull? By now your wife is pleased with her bull’s cock size and his ability to make her last for a very long time, more than she can say for you.

It’s so intense for you to know that you get to prepare her and her bull before he has sex with her and how they both enjoy exploring and satisfying each other in front of you. This is why you wouldn’t dare think of saying “no.”

And you especially like when her bull talks about how good he makes her feel while he is deep inside her, looking straight into your eyes moaning as he explodes inside her. You are such a cuckold, exhibitionist, submissive husband.

I can imagine there’s such an erotic charge going through your mind being the cuckolded husband. Cuckolding arouses your jealousy and it’s exceptionally humiliating to know that your hot wife is having sex with her bull and his bigger cock and larger load of cum. Time to accept your journey into cuckoldry.

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Tell Ms Marlena what makes you a good cuckold

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Ms Vivian’s 8 Degrees of Cuckold


Come to Mistress Cuckie


Hello again to all you curious guys (and sissy gals)! There’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask….

Have you ever wondered if it is your destiny to become a cuckold?

Now, I’m not asking if you like the idea of being cuckolded. I’d say it’s . . . → Read More: Ms Vivian’s 8 Degrees of Cuckold


Ms Christine Wants You To Find A Bull


Find your Hot Wife the Big Bull she deserves!

You’ve Talked About It

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Tell Ms Marlena what kind of souvenir do you want

Tweet Your wife gets to have all the fun.

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Show Ms Rita what a good little cuck you can be


Types of cuckolds

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A cuckold’s duties by Mistress Constance


I love to cuckold a man and there are certain things I expect from anyone who wishes to become my cuckold. Here are few things I expect:

Pre date prep

As my cuckold you must prepare me for my real man, this will include not only shaving me and dressing me but providing . . . → Read More: A cuckold’s duties by Mistress Constance


Begin your cum-eating training with Ms Marlena

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Cuckold fantasies with Ms Kaylee


For your cuckold fantasiesCall Mistress Kaylee 1 800 601 6975

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Ms Alexis knows even the best cuckolds need encouragement


Hotwife for Hire 800-601-6975

“If you love someone, set them free.” That is how the saying goes; at least the version I like.  I think it best applies to this situation of confirmed cuckoldry. You are a cuckold, aren’t you? If not, I bet you’d like to be. Why else would . . . → Read More: Ms Alexis knows even the best cuckolds need encouragement