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Cuckold Your Husband by Using His Best Friend

Cuckolding your hubby is especially fun if you screw his best friend. This is an easy how to guide!

Have a cuckold husband by screwing his best friend!Let’s fact it, finding a guy that is okay with screwing a married woman is not always easy. Believe it or not, I have actually had more trouble finding extra guys to have sex with than when I was single. Can you imagine that? I have, however, found that having sex with the best friend is always simple. The great thing about this type of cuckold sex is that your hubby has to accept it. The number one reason to fuck his best friend:

You are always going to see his best friend around the house.

Perhaps, both of you get a little relaxed one night after dinner. So, I put on some music and begin dancing around the house. Before I know it, I’m dancing with just my bra and jeans on. Both my husband and his best friend are of course smiling because who is going to turn down a hot woman dancing, right? This is where you get both guys on the couch sitting next to one another.

Give the best friend a lap dance while making out with your husband.

At least that’s how I enjoy doing it. All you have to do is grind your hips against the best friend, while directing him to touch your breasts. Continue making out with your husband, to make sure he is super excited.

Now, pull out your husbands cock. He is sure to be super aroused at this point.

Give your husband a hand job while you make out with the best friend. Now, you know your husbands limits. You know just how to touch him to get him off quickly. All you need to do is a super fast stroke to get him to explode. Now, it’s just you and the best friend.

Get up on all fours and the best friend should take care of everything else.

Voila, now your husband is spent and watching a free porno of his wife getting fucked. Let me know in the comments section how this works out for you! (Also, this makes a SUPER HOT cuckold role play….)

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(Cause it’s fun being evil…)

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