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I Love Being a Slut Wife

It’s great to have a slut wife, little cuckie!

I am a slut wife and my husband loves it!


Men, for the most part, dream of having a woman that is desired by many guys. Can you just imagine what’s it’s like to be married to a woman that gets off men for a living? I mean, I’ve gotten off ten guys in a night before. Let that thought sink in when you are laying there next to your own wife.

Can you imagine being with a woman after she had gotten off ten guys?

Okay, how about five? Five guys in a night is totally reasonable. Then, I of course, come snuggle up against you in bed, thinking about the men that just screamed in my ear. Yes, I consider myself to be a slut wife , because I take intense satisfaction out of telling my husband I’m about to go get off some guys. Then, my cuckold husband kisses me and tells me to have a good time. He does the same, by the way, whether it’s on the phone or real life. It pleases him when I’m happy, and he is completely devoted to that concept.

I never know how many guys I’m going to get off that night.

It’s almost like I open my legs every night and close my eyes in anticipation, waiting to see which guy will enter me. It’s very exciting, indeed! Sometimes, I use a strap on and snuggle up against a new guy, pounding him. Other times, I teach a man how to get his wife to be a slut as well. Then, there are the times that a man worships and kisses my body from head to toe. That is always FUN! I also especially LOVE watching men with large cocks stroke it on skype. (GoddessSimone).

All of this while my cuckold husband snores peacefully on the other side of the house.

It’s good to be a slut wife.

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone


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