Your Penis Is Useless To Her, But Your Money Isn’t

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You’ve always thought your hot wife was too good to be true.

You know what they always say–if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Do you ever get the feeling that if you didn’t have that great job and could buy her anything she wants, she wouldn’t be with you?

One sure fire way to find out is to listen in on her phone calls. Kind of skeevy, I know, but it might just give you some insight into what she really thinks about you. The next time you come home and hear her giggling and talking softly, stay really quiet. Don’t let her know you’re there.

Are you afraid you’ll find out that three minutes of fucking isn’t nearly enough?

Well, maybe she thinks your premature ejaculating soft small penis really does give her the best lay of her life. Maybe she isn’t cooing to her black bull boyfriend; maybe she isn’t telling him she can still feel his big cock inside her.

Or just maybe you’ll find out that everything you fear is true.

His big dick makes her cum, but you’re far from useless.

You always buy her such nice things, she’s sure to keep you around. She might even allow you to squeeze her boobs and poke her with that skinny penis dangling between your legs if you bring her something especially nice. Oh, you’ll never make her cum with that thing, but she doesn’t begrudge you an occasional mercy fuck from time-to-time.

So your wife has sex with other men. It’s not the end of the world, is it?

Being a cuckold has its perks–eventually your little dick will get hard just thinking about her fucking another man and you’ll be horny all the time. You’ll become obsessed with what she looks like when she cums for another man. Oh, she’ll probably tire of submitting to your periodic little rolls in the hay and will cut you off from her pussy.

But you can keep trying to buy your way back into bed with her. It just might work!

Click below for a sample of what you might overhear when you eavesdrop.

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