Cuckolded by a Basketball Wife

You’re wondering where your wife has gone every night during the basketball tournament, aren’t you?  When you stopped her leaving the house and asked where she was going wearing that thin little halter top with no bra, fishnet stockings, short little denim skirt, and black patent leather ankle boots with the spike heel, though it’s been below freezing outside, she just winked at you and said it was a secret.

Ms Rachel

But something in the pit of your stomach told you it wasn’t a secret you’d enjoy.  You’ve always worried that she might turn into a slut wife.  Well, I can’t stand to see you like this, so I’m going to tell you the truth. Your wife has a new part-time job.  Well really, you introduced her to the idea, given that you’re such an avid sports fan. You know your birthday gift?  The team jersey with every team member’s autograph on it?  Well she had to pull some strings to get that, let me tell you.  And they enjoyed meeting her so much, and admired her persistence, just what lengths she was willing to go to in order to see to it that you got the best birthday gift ever, that they offered her a job!

Well, it’s not really a job, per se.  Not in the traditional sense.  She gets paid alright, but not with money. You’ve known since the two of you met that she’s a size queen, and that you don’t quite measure up.  She even confessed to you how much she’d particularly enjoyed relationships and sex with Black men before the two of you met.  But you’ve also always known that she loves you dearly.  Your relationship was never meant to be based on sex.  And I know for a fact that she really meant to keep her vows.  But I guess events just conspired to put her into a situation she just couldn’t say no to.   And let’s face it–you did get  a great birthday gift out of it, right? I think it’s important that you hear exactly what happened.  Then maybe you’ll understand that it just couldn’t be helped. Listen to Ms. Rachel

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