How to be a Good Cuckold

We have already established that you are not the type of man who can please his wife. Now is the best time to learn how to be a good cuckold. The first thing you have to do is swallow your dignity. You are not fit to give your wife a proper orgasm , so you...

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Beg to be Cuckolded

Do you remember that night when you and your wife were really drunk and talked about your wildest fantasies? She told you she wanted to have sex with another woman and you confided that you wanted to see her with another man? You weren't being...

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Cuckold Cum Slut

Hey, cuckold cum slut. Look how far you've come. There are days when you remember when you were not cuckold cum slut. Pretty typical guy. Those days are few and far in-between, now. Most days your mind is focused on one thing, well two...

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Office Slut Cuckolds You

Office Slut We have been together for a very long time. You are addicted to my beauty and dominating ways. I enjoy the way you serve me. The way you hang on to my every word. I can't help but smile at your desperate attempts to please me and...

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