In some cultures, it is customary for the groom’s family to ensure the purity of the bride, ie: make sure she’s a virgin with an intact hymen. To be honest this mode of thinking is giving small dick energy. You want a virginal bride, but what do you have to offer her? I’ve come up with a solution: Pre-Marital Cuckolding And Penis Inspection. Because why should the bride be humiliated by you and your bitchassery when she could just humiliate you instead and make sure you’re going to be a suitable husband?

Pre-Marital Cuckolding And Penis Inspection

In a patriarchal society, men have very fragile egos. The only reason most men complain about wanting a virgin or only wanting to date women with a low body count, is because they themselves are inadequate in the sex and dick department, and they fucking know it. A man who can’t find the gspot or a woman’s clitoris, and whose dick is too small to even hit her gspot, should shut the fuck up about women and who they’ve slept with, and whether or not they are “pure.” Purity culture is trash; men with small dicks and even smaller brains are trash, and therefore I am going to suggest to women, that if you’re going to get married at all, you should definitely sew your wild oats before you marry a man who can’t slang dick and doesn’t wash his ass properly.  Additionally, all potential grooms must pass penis inspection.

Pre-Marital Cuckolding – Emasculate Him BEFORE The Wedding

Does your bitch ass fiancé measure up, or is he a member of tiny meat gang? Penis inspection will ensure marital bliss in the dick size department. Having an open relationship and cuckolding your fiancé before you get married, will ensure that as a woman your physical needs are met, and that you are always sexually satisfied, in two ways. One, if your partner knows your other lovers are giving you multiple orgasms, and that you have led a sexually satisfied and experienced life before he came along, he’s going to have to step up or step off.  If his ego is too fragile for him to accept that you deserve to be satisfied, then he doesn’t deserve to have you as a wife.

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Pre-Marital Cuckolding And House Husband Training

Furthermore, in addition to pre-marital cuckolding, and fucking whoever you want whenever you want, your future husband needs to have basic house husband skills. Does he know how to cook? Does he know how to clean a bathroom properly? Does he have basic chemistry knowledge so that he doesn’t gas himself while cleaning? Can he operate a steam mop or a vacuum? Clean windows? Dear god what are you marrying him for then? I haven’t stated the obvious, for obvious reasons: Women need to be able to take care of themselves, financially and otherwise…. and a man with no money has no business asking anyone to be his wife. We don’t support brokies, here… correction: I DON’T SUPPORT BROKIES. Men are the help. In all ways, so if he’s not a provider throw him in the trash where he belongs.

Body Counts Only Matter To Men With Small Dicks And Little To No Sexual Experience

Why do you think men see it as no big deal when they cheat, but if you cheat, they have a complete breakdown? You know why? Because he only knows how to hunch on some pussy and roll over. Women are slowly starting to realize that a man’s worth is not between his legs, and are refusing to settle, so why should you? Cuckold your fiancé so he knows how to act accordingly. If cuckolding became a commonplace practice for women prior to marriage, there would be many men who wouldn’t make the cut. They know this, it’s time you knew it too.

Assignments For Pre-Marital Cuckolds

If you’re a cis man who is deficient in any of the areas mentioned above, my advice to you, is that if you want to get married, you’d better start learning how to please your wife in and out of the bedroom. So your job is to offer your help to your bride to be in all ways possible. You benefit from marriage, there’s no reason your future wife should get the short end of the stick… literally and figuratively. So your first assignment is to measure your dick. If your dick is less than 8 inches but over 6, learn how to properly use that thing to bring her pleasure. If it’s under 6, apologize to your fiancé for being a failure and wasting her time.

Pre-Marital Cuckold Training With The Ebony Femdom

For even more tips and tricks on how to please your potential future wife and be a good himbo house husband, call me. Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Duchess Willow. There’s one more tip for you, in the accompanying audio. Stay safe and stay blessed.

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