There are a lot of questions that people ask about being cuckolded, like, what’s it really like, and, how do I get my wife to cuckold me? I can tell you what it’s really like: deep, erotic humiliation and arousal combined with breathless anticipation while you wait for her to come home again. As for the second question, well, there’s a couple ways to convince your wife to cuckold you. And you’re going to put them into practice for me!

If you’ve contemplated being cuckolded in the past, it’s time to make it a reality. Here’s how.

Harper knows how to convince your wife to cuckold youOne of my favorite ways to convince your wife to cuckold you involves honesty and vulnerability, as well as communication skills out the ear. It’s both super simple, and surprisingly difficult: ask her. That’s right, you just straight up ask your wife to cuckold you. Tell her the honest truth: you get turned on by thinking of her with other men, and you’d love to know that she was finally getting the kind of wild and amazing sex that she deserves, and you have a huge cuckold fetish. Sit down with her, and tell her that you’re aware of your shortcomings (and I do mean short), and that you want her to experience actual good sex for a change. This level of bald honesty is very difficult for a lot of men to achieve, since most men are raised to never admit to a weakness or fault. But it’s good for you! Be able to honestly state a need or want, and to give a self evaluation of your skills that isn’t based in self aggrandizement are sought after skills! Be honest and open, and just tell her what you need.

Let’s assume that you failed at being honest about your needs, and shortcomings.

That’s ok, I did say that it was a very simple yet difficult thing to do. It may be the avenue towards turning your wife into a cuckoldress that has the highest odds of success, but it’s also most emotionally taxing on the male ego. So, moving on to the next method for convincing your wife to fuck other men!

If open and honest, up-front communication isn’t your strong suit, you can try planting the idea for your wife to stumble upon herself!

A variety of tactics will work best for this approach, so prepare to be sneaky and to attack this concept on multiple fronts. You’re going to need to think subliminally. Start by asking your wife to watch some porn with you, and then pick something with multiple men and a single woman. Introduce the idea that a woman who can’t be satisfied by just one man is a good thing. That you approve of women with large sexual appetites. From there, sprinkle in some cuckold porn, with a poor beleaguered husband figure off in a corner jerking off while his wife fucks all these well endowed men. Whisper in her ear that you know how wet she got watching those huge cocks, and other suggestive phrases. Tell her that you love her reaction to the movie choice du jour, and that you wish you could see her with all those studs giving her what she needs.

Make a regular part of your sex life include talking about watching your wife fuck other men.

Start leaving your computer or tablet out where she can see them, too, unlocked. Have cuckold porn cued up, the more humiliating towards the husband in the pornos the better! Don’t clear your internet search, and start leaving dirty cuckold stories up on the browser for your wife to stumble across. You can even buy a dildo in a much larger than your cock’s size, and give it to her. Remember to watch plenty of cuckold porn with your wife, and verbally reinforce how hot you think it is.

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