You’re so loyal to her! I adore that about you.

The way you’d do anything for her, to please her, to make her happy. You’d bend yourself over backwards and tie yourself into knots to make her smile. Nothing turns you on faster than hearing her breathless moans of arousal, smelling her pussy when she’s totally turned on, and knowing that she’s going to cum makes you nut in your pants. You’d do anything to make her sexually satisfied. That’s how you wound up here, seduced into being a cuck.

Seduced Cuckold Fantasy by Mistress HarperIt started so simply, didn’t it.

She started telling you how she noticed when this one certain guy at work would stare at her. She confessed to you so hesitantly, making sure you weren’t jealous, that when he stared at her, she got wet. Your instant boner told her all she needed to know in that moment. That’s why she kept going. Telling you stories about him, about how he would stare and watch her in her sexy outfits. She’d put on a bra and ask you if it looked good. Then she’d ask if you thought he would like it too. Hinting about cuckolding you.

You started playing into the fantasy, didn’t you?

After all, it’s just a fantasy, a way to pass time, a sexy naughty story you were telling. It would never come true, so where was the harm in it? You’d buy her lingerie to wear, and while you were fucking her in it, you’d tell her about him. She’d cum, crying out his name. You’d get so turned on, the orgasms were amazing. You just kept chasing that high, trying to make her happy.

You stupidly loyal creature. This is how you wound up a cuckold.

One day she came home glowing. She was radiant, ecstatic. So happy, she was skipping. You asked what happened to make her look so pleased with herself, and she laughed. She laughed and tossed her hair, and said she’d had a glorious nooner. He had asked her to go to lunch, so she did. One thing led to another, and suddenly you’re hard as a rock listening to her recount how she’d spent the afternoon fucking her boss in a cheap rented hotel.


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