A cuckold has lost the right to control his penis. Your penis isn’t enough to keep your wife faithful, so of what use is it? Jerking your cock and leaving your cum to be cleaned up is the pleasure of a real man. You are not a real man.

Since your status in your marriage is that of a beta male, then superior women get to choose where your cum goes. As your Mistress, I demand that all of your cum go into your own mouth. Why do I require you to eat your own cum? Because a cuckold must learn to consume what he’s told to consume.

Of course, one day, a cuckold will be required to eat his wife’s lover’s cum. Every cuckold must be trained to slurp a frothy cream pie dripping out of his wife.

Cuckold Cum Eating with Mistress Piper (800) 601- 6975

Mistress Piper- Your Naughty Lover- (800) 601- 6975

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the audio. You can download the audio by clicking on the link to the cuckold cum eating meditation audio link.
  2. Listen to the audio at least once daily for two weeks. You can play it while driving, while on the train, during lunch, or any other time when your mind will be open and receptive to the messages.
  3. After two weeks, write your own mantra. (A mantra is a short sentence that sums up a core belief you wish to permanently condition into your psyche.) Repeat this mantra morning noon and night for another two weeks.
  4. During your conditioning period, make sure you’re phoning and in regular contact with Mistress Piper for additional guidance. Good luck!

Here is the link to the small penis humiliation mindfuck trance meditation: Cuckold Cum Eating Mindfuck Audio


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