Hot Wife Ms. Piper Wants to Be Your Mind Fuck Mistress

You belong to me!

You know why I married you, don’t you, lover? You may not have a nice big cock, but you do a good job satisfying my other urges.

You know what urges I’m talking about, don’t you? My lover’s bulging, bull cock takes care of my sexual urges, but this hot wife needs more than that kind of fuck.

I need to penetrate and possess you, and I need to be deep inside you. I need to know that you belong to me.

For a while, taking possession of your ass satisfied me, but I realized that I wanted more.

I took your orgasm next. You spent months in orgasm denial, until your spirit broke and you were desperate to serve me in a bigger and deeper way. You needed me to take everything; your heart, your spirit, your mind.

You not only needed a sexy, hot wife, you needed a Mind fuck Mistress.

Your new purpose in life is to serve me. Pour yourself out in front of me, become an empty vessel for me to fill back up.

You know I love you, sweet one. You know I’ll take good care of you. My approval is very satisfying.  It’s all you need to sustain you. Fill your belly with it, soak it up until you’re fat and sated.

You are my pride and joy. My loyal, loving, adoring servant. I have SO many plans for you!

Want to know what those plans are? Well, let’s spend some time together and I’ll tell you all about it in great detail.


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