Designer Hot Wife WardrobeMs. Cassandra knows what the Hot Wife Wardrobe entails.

The cuckoldress has the best of everything all purchased by her submissive cuckold husband. He buys expensive lingerie by Wolford and Natori, top of the line handbags by Coach, Chanel suits, and Dolce and Gabbana party dresses. She even has an Alexander McQueen gown elegant enough for a museum display. This was understood when the dickless cuckold married his supreme dominatrix, that life would never be the same. He would be her submissive slave and cuckold. Only the bull du jour had rights to her body and sweet pussy.

Gotta Have Bling

The wardrobe continues beyond clothes and bags. Jewelry is probably the most important from Rolex watches to Chanel tennis bracelets, multi carat diamonds and emerald necklaces. Sometimes she shops for the bull of the moment. If his cock exceeds ten inches, he will be given more of everything. At one time she had three bulls in the stable and there would be contests. In the end this did not work as the competition got a little greedy. Now she adds to her bull listings 11 inches and above.

Accouterments of the Boudoir

Luxury sheets and pillow cases are priority for the spacious bedroom. The cuckold provides service of being slave and fluffer. He provides breakfast and coffee with a smile, and he offers a luxurious shoulder massage and then the thick white terrycloth robe for his Mistress. On his knees he is then ordered in the spacious marble shower to give the bull his morning blow job. Mistress is just too tired from the night before.


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