Spotting a cuckold is easy. He walks behind his Femdom wife with head held low folding his hands in front of him as if to hide his small cock. He is shorter than his Femdom in most cases, often her bull who is tall and muscular walks beside her. She exudes dominance while her cuckold husband or lover exudes submissive male traits, very obvious if one looks for it.

The Bull Dominates

He may look like a complete loser often tied and led by a leash, but he often holds a position of power in his work. He has plenty of money to support his hot wife as she prances through the lifestyle cuckold clubs looking for the big black bull who will dominate her hot pussy. Yes, the bull dominates because his skill resides in a sizable cock who is not afraid to fuck it in front of a tiny dicked male. She did after all advertise her availability for such a liaison.

The cuckold’s lingerie bill is through the roof, for him and his Femdom. She keeps him in chastity because it’s humiliating and oppressive. When he watches his hot Femdom wife enjoy the big black dick, if he is out of the cage that is, he strokes his little peanut until he cums. This is only during special occasions, and he must always eat it. He eats the cream pie with gusto, and he sucks bull cock when his Femdom is tired.

The cuckold demeanor is forlorn and is resigned to a life of servitude and humiliation. His little cock is forever hard and satisfied only by his need to be diminished by a superior male. He prays it won’t backfire leaving him without his beloved Femdom.

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