Submissive Males Only in Miss Rachel's Cuckold Training! 1-800-356-6169The title might seem like a given, but . . .

It’s not!

Why, you may ask?

I think some males have different ideas about what constitutes a cuckold relationship than I have. And that’s fine; I’m a cuckold fantasy and training Queen, but that doesn’t mean I get to tell everyone how to live their kink life. Just those who come to Me for Femdom phone sex!

Some males consider it cuckolding when their wife is their property and playtoy. They whore her out to others for their own enjoyment, even though she likes it, too. Some males consider it cuckolding when they’re D/s dynamic equals with the bull, and their wife is the fuckdoll for them both.

Clearly I disagree.

The above scenarios, in My book, may be swinging, possibly free use with two dominant males and the hotwife as the only submissive. There’s nothing different or special about it, nothing that separates it from the same old societal trope of a woman being exploited for the pleasure of men. Great, if you like it, but it’s not cuckolding.

Not in My book.

So what is cuckolding in Miss Rachel’s book?

I’ve written a lot of blog posts about it that spell it out in detail. I’ve explored the cuckold fetish from so many angles on this blog, My personal blog, audios, and social media. I hope you’ll do some exploring. The synopsis, for the purpose of this post, is this:

Male humility and female satisfaction.Submissive Males Only in Miss Rachel's Cuckold Training! 1-800-356-6169

Male sacrifice, and female exaltation.

Male inadequacy, and female autonomy.

The cuckold male, that is. Bulls are a different story. And maybe that’s what some of the males who confuse cuckolding with your garden variety straight porn MMF threesome scenario (usually there isn’t even any fun coerced bi for Me to enjoy in these fantasies when one of these confused guys takes a wrong turn at Albequerque and ends up with Me) want to be, wish they were.

If that’s the case, I encourage them to find a Mistress who will switch. W/e do have them here at LDW.

I’m just not one of them.

Consider this a PSA, readers of I want you to have the best time possible when you come to the Enchantrix Empire with your fantasies. In the interests of your best time, I’m simply warning you away from My door . . . and towards what you really want.


Mistress Rachel, Cuckold Fantasies Femdom


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