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Do you have a fantasy about your wife or girlfriend having hot sex with superior man? The fantasy is HOT but how do you feel thinking she might actually fuck him? Or, if she has multiple lovers, how does a cuckold handle emotions around this new lifestyle?

Role of a cuckold

There are many different types of cuckold relationships. Maybe you realize that you are the one who buys her things and HE is the one who makes her cum! I hear that a lot when someone calls me with a confession or question about a cheating wife.

Mistress, do I have a small penis?

I always say, if you have to ASK then the answer is yes, you’re too small to satisfy a size Queen. That’s what happened in this conversation with a caller. Ouch; he knows that he can’t please his wife. I hear that she is beautiful and sexy; he loves her and he knows he is failing her in the most fundamental way. It’s a tough thing to realize that you can’t satisfy your woman.

Cuckold Porn

He told me about looking on the internet for advice. At first, he was hoping to find ways to please his hot wife. He licks her pussy all the time. She loves that but he knows that eventually this feels like foreplay. I mean, if pussy licking satisfies a woman then she’s probably going to be a lesbian. A heterosexual woman needs a real cock, that means a big cock. He found LDW Group’s cuckold fantasies site and found my bio. He calls to talk about his next steps in his marriage.

What are YOUR next steps?

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