My Lover Will Be Here Any Minute!

When you’re a sexy hot wife with a big dicked boyfriend, you wear the pants in the family–even if you’re wearing a short skirt and stiletto heels!

You know that if you balk and act like a little bitch, you could end up in a cock cage or worse.

I personally knew a cuckold who complained and ended up living in the garage. His wife’s boyfriend would drive up in the garage (the husband had to park his car on the street) and tell the husband to have his car nicely detailed while he was upstairs making his wife cum on his big bull penis. Don’t you know that cuckold was wishing he hadn’t run his mouth?

If you’re not stupid, you learn to listen carefully before you speak. You don’t have ownership rights anymore–not to your house, not to your wife, maybe not even to your cock!

It’s common for a cuckold to routinely be locked away in a chastity device, thus giving up control of his masturbation to his wife and her lover. This is fair because the husband doesn’t know how to use his dick anyway; if he did know how to use his dick, his wife wouldn’t be spreading her legs for a better cock.

So wise up, cuckold. You don’t have a lot of options here. If you expect to keep any dignity at all, you’d better get to work. Get that laundry done, get those dishes washed, and get that tongue ready for cleanup duty after your wife’s boyfriend is through with her.

This is your new reality, and you might as well resign yourself to the fact that you’re no longer head honcho. (You never were head honcho, but it was probably fun pretending!)


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