Cuckolding Done by a Young PrincessLet young Princess Britany cuckold your aging ass!

When you see an older man and young woman together in an obvious relationship, what do you think of? Yes! She is with him because he has oodles of money. If she gets into that new BMW, you will know it for sure, but there is another thing that may not occur to you. She could be a dominant bitch Princess who cuckolds him relentlessly, especially if you see a young and strong black male with them. He is the bull and he possessively touches her now and then right in front of the aging male cuckold.

Not Just Old but a Loser Too

Now you have figured it out and it makes you laugh as to what a loser this guy is, but then you have an attraction to the tall Goddess with the big rock on her finger. You want a chance, you want to stand in line and be a bull. You will never make the grade because you are not rich enough, strong enough, and your cock literally does not measure up. After you have studied up on cuckolding, you realize you do not have a chance at all, so you have developed the fantasy and troll Dark Cavern or other cuckold chats. You connect with a phone Mistress, like me to fulfill your new found kink. You of course, are always the cuckold on his knees being submissive and pathetic. Unless you call in to be a bull, but your demeanor always gives away your submission. A cuckold you are.

Eventually you have come to realize, you always had bi fantasies. The thought of fluffing the dominant bull makes your little cock hard. The reality is fleshing out and you begin to settle into your cuckold role forever!


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