A smart man knows when to follow directions.

Has your sexy hotwife discovered what you’ve known for a long time–that you have no business stirring her honeypot with your useless cuckold stick dick?

Maybe she still has some archaic idea of why she married you. Maybe she’s still clinging to the illusion of happily ever after. One thing is certain, however, she’s not happily ever after you’ve furtively humped her and wiped your sweaty body all over hers. Her hot lover is in a bedside drawer–or a box under the bed–and she prefers that machinery to your swollen red blob hands (and panties) down! Maybe you’re an enlightened husband, and you’ve accepted the fact that you’ve never been the stuff of her fantasies. Maybe you’ve even offered to allow her to have sex with someone else, but she shot you down. You might think that means she doesn’t want to cuckold you, but you’d be wrong.

You see, she wants to cuckold her husband, but she doesn’t want your grimy hands all over the situation. She certainly doesn’t want to think about you heaving and jerking your disappointing boner in the corner!

You just need to keep your nose (along with everything else) out of her business. If she’s open to it, see if she’d like to talk to a woman who can empathize with her. I’ve been listening to the wet fapping of your masturbation for a long time; I can clue her in on exactly why she should find her a real man with a gorgeous bull cock who knows how to make her feel tingly and spent.

So quit fucking shit up, cuckold. Don’t run your mouth and make cuckolding all about you. Your marriage has never been about your second-rate penis, don’t make cuckolding about it now. Know your place, and stay in it!


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