After posting my first assignment on cuckoldbootcamp, I received IMs and emails about the mindset one must be in to be a What kind of cuckold are you?cuckold. I do know a lot! Comment after comment reaffirmed what I had said in my first post, but did make me want to add more about the kind of man who can be the best kind of cuckold and the many types of cuckolds that there are!
A good cuckold realizes that cuckolding is about the power and dominance a women wields over her partner.  She gets to decide who she has sex with and when or if she has sex with the cuck. This type of power is amazingly intense.
But not every cuckold is the same! Some may like to watch, while others are forced.  Some may only hear about the experience while some participate as the “fluffer” or even as the “cleaner”.  Which type do you identify with? This is your task today! Find out which type you are, and let me know!


This type usually likes to just watch his partner having sex with another man.  He usually does not participate in the sex act and just sits in the corner, in a closet, and can be hidden or not.  He generally just watches and/or masturbates.  The lover may or may not know he is being watched.  The secrecy plays into this type of cuckolding.


This type enjoys participating with the wife’s lover while they are having sex.  The bi-cuckold might enjoy “fluffing” the lover by giving him oral sex to get him hard for his wife.  He also may participate during the sexual act, and may clean up the wife or the lover after they have finished.  It’s the “inclusion” factor here that lessens the mental humiliation of allowing one’s wife to have other sexual partners.


This type wants to be feminized by wearing wigs and make up, and women’s clothing while serving a wife and lover engaged in having sex.  For men that are into forced feminization as opposed to consensual enjoyed feminization, this may be solely about the humiliation and emasculation of the man.


This type enjoys (or maybe does not enjoy) the wearing of a male chastity device.  Many times the chastity cuckold will take on a “service” role during or after meetings with his wife’s lover.  Most of the time chastity cuckolds are into humiliation play and enjoy it when she taunts his locked penis and denial of orgasms while she fully enjoys the sex of an outside lover.


This type thrives on his submission and service to his dominant partner.  One of his goals is to make sure his wife is happy under almost any circumstances.  Heavy humiliation is not necessary as the activities done are humiliating in their own right. This cuckold may serve his wife and her lover drinks.  He may get towels, glasses of water or other things while they are having sex.  He may even drive her to meet a date or drive a date home.

Your task is to find out which type of cuckold you are, and let me know. I was asked today about which type of cuckold is my favorite.  I will answer that this way: While I do not enjoy one type of cuckold over another, I do enjoy a good cuckold who brings the desire, willingness, and mindset to be an amazing cuckold for me! Now tell me your type!

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