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No cuckold, this isn’t for you!

When will you ever learn that when you’re a cuckold, you give up your husbandly rights? You may hold the paperwork on your wife’s pussy, but she’s the one wearing the pants in the family!

Your marriage isn’t like everyone else’s, and you don’t get to sneak around and spy on your cuckold hotwife when she’s with her lover. Oh sure, any normal man would be very upset and incensed to find out his beautiful bride was spreading her legs for another man, but you’re not a normal man.

You may be upset and jealous when you find out another man is laying pipe in your wife, but you have to admit that your dick is hard too. You also have to admit that you jerked off thinking about it.

If you’re getting off thinking about your wife doing the nasty with her lover, you’re not a real man. You may be a jealous cuckold, you may be a sad cuckold, you may be an angry cuckold, but you are a cuckold all the same.

So when you tell me you’ve been going all secret agent man detective and have gone so far as to spy on your wife, I’m having none of that! I immediately demand that you do the right thing and confess what you’ve been doing to your cuckoldress wife AND her cuckold bull lover!

Yes, you were completely humiliated and destroyed standing in front of them, staring at your shoes and telling them what you did, but your dick was hard too.

Both your wife and her lover saw you standing there embarrassed while your chubby tented your khakis, and they did NOT let you off easy!

What do you think she did to make SURE you never spied on her again?


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