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Sorry cuckold. NOT for you!

So you’ve been sniffing around your wife’s panties, looking for evidence she’s become a cheating slut wife. You’re dreaming of slurping up your first cuckold cream pie.

In all of your dreaming, you may not be aware of the fact that it’s much more difficult to eat cum than you might think. Oh sure, it looks so delectably nasty in all the pornos you watch, but have you ever really tasted cum?

Trust me, when you’re finally between your wife’s legs watching that frothy cream ooze out of her swollen well-pounded pussy, that is NOT the time to freeze up!

If you want to earn your place between her legs, tasting her orgasm commingled with her cuckold bull’s cream pie, then you need to make SURE you know exactly how to eat cum like a pro!

I don’t want to hear any of that bitch cunt whining that you can’t make yourself eat your own cum after you make your mess. Do you think your wife and her man are going to have any sympathy for you after they’ve made such a tasty dessert for you and you reject it?

And don’t even try to tell me that you think eating another man’s cum will be easier than eating your own! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. So let’s get serious about your preparation for the big night, the night you finally taste the sperm of your wife’s lover!

Eating your own cum is an act of obedience and submission. These are two skills you must have WELL established if you expect to ever be invited into the bedroom with your wife and her man.

So let’s get your cum eating training started now so you’ll be ready when your wife finally allows you to be her good little clean up boy. Don’t you think it will be fun to finally impress her with at least one skill in the bedroom–even if it is only the skill of eating another man’s cum out of her pussy?

Call me or email me NOW and let’s get you prepared to finally please your wife by teaching you to eat your own cum!

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