Alexis Cuckold HotwifeDo you remember the last time that I shared my thoughts about cuckold phone sex? I told you how you would get to be present while I was made love to by my lover, but you wouldn’t get to do anything other than listen, watch, and feel really humiliated. But this time, I want to tell you about what would happen when I decide to let you in on the action.

Poor cuckold. Let’s see what a tiny penis gets you…

I hope that you don’t think that means that you’re going to get to try to please me with your tiny cuckold penis. Try as you might, that would just simply never happen. When I tell you that I’m going to let you do more than watch, I am sure that you’re going to get a little more excited than you should. You aren’t going to be getting any pleasure from it. What you WILL be doing, though, is crawling to me on your knees to get my pussy wet and excited for the big black cock that will be pleasing me.

It’s a full service cuckold my bullstud desires…

Once I’m wet, you will crawl over to him. What for? Well, you’re going to wrap your lips around his big dick and get him nice and hard for me. You won’t say no. I know you won’t, because if you do, you know it means that I’ll make you leave the room and you won’t get to watch what goes on.

And you’re so ready to watch… listening is hot, but you know that it’s going to be much hotter when you get to actually see the look on my face as I’m being fucked by my bullstud. So go ahead. Lick him and suck him. And once he’s ready, guide him into me and watch him go to work. Oh, and if I am feeling generous, I’ll even let you clean me up once he’s done with me.

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