Everyone knows You Have a Tiny Penis!

Tiny Penis? You Were Born To Be a Cuckold

You lay in bed at night trying to fall asleep, the laughter of every woman you’ve tried to make love to, echoes in your mind. You dread dropping your pants that first time, so you turn the lights down low and hope your oral skills will satisfy. Maybe this time your date won’t gasp and giggle at your less than manly meat.

Real Men Don’t Have a Tiny Penis

Is that your mantra, when you look down at the nubbin’ where your mighty man-sized cock should be? Even a movie date can be a huge dose of humiliation, when she lays her hand on your thigh, and all you can do is pray her hands don’t wander to your crotch.

Does MILF Mistress Vivian Have Minimum Meat Requirement?

Firstly, I don’t screw the servants – so what size penis you have means nothing to me. Even the tiniest tools can be an amusement to me, but for YOU there is only one path I can see – the life of a cuckold.

Since you don’t have a man-sized cock, choices are very limited. A Leather Daddy to service his, and his buddy’s big fat dicks. No? Too gay? With a tiny penis like yours, you wouldn’t have to tuck anything into your pretty panties, maybe you were meant to be a sissy. All frills, twirling like a dervish – flirting and flitting about, the perfect household helper – with a nubbin’ in slut wear.

You Just Want Your Lady To Be Happy She Needs a Real Man

I think I like the cuckold pleaser the best, altruistic – and thinking only of his partner’s needs – and puts his own to side. He knows the days of him being allowed to slip his worthless worm in, are over. He will do more than submit to her new lovers, he will surrender.


MILF Mistress Vivian Talks About Cuckolds

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He will humiliate himself in order to please them both, from cocktails served on the patio, to licking his jizz from her soaked pussy. He knows he will never make a woman beg for his wee willie winkie, so he’ll take the attention, no matter how humbling it is. Now, he has found his place and lives only to please.

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