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A hotwife KNOWS what she wants

If you are one of those lucky men in a cuckold relationship, then you have my permission to kiss the sky. You officially have it all. There are many guys out there who would love to be in your position, but just don’t know how to go about convincing their wives to join in on the adventure. Not you though. You get to indulge in the luxury of listening to the sounds of moaning while your wife is having sex with other men.

You may even have dressed her for the occasion. There is just something about picking out her sexiest lingerie and laying it all out on the bed. Watching her slip those long, gorgeous legs into her silky nylons before she puts on her sky high heels. It almost makes you want to blow right then and there.

Enter the cuckold bullstud…

Speaking of blowing things, with his heady swagger one might think that HE was the star of the show. We know that couldn’t be further from the truth. You spend all that time prepping your wife for playtime. It only makes sense that you should prep the main attraction as well.

That means dropping to your knees and showing respect to your bullstud master by way of some well-deserved oral servitude. After all, he IS the one dangling free while your stuff is locked away in the cutest little cage. It’s easy to see who the dominating figure is in this picture, and why you have been relegated to the position of cuckold fluffer.

Watching your wife being fucked…

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your hotwife get down to the business of enjoying her prized cock. Is it the act of watching her being plowed or the anticipation of that cuckold creampie that has you so worked up?

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