I just found out YOU are an accidental cuckold!

Hello, my cute Accidental Cuckold.

The accidental cuckold is always the last to know!

Hello, Accidental cuckie!

I heard from your wife yesterday, and she tells me that she is having a great time in Las Vegas, hanging out by the pool. I guess it all started when you decided it was safe for your hot wife to go down to the pool wearing that hot, little, red bikini. Did you really think those high rollers would not notice someone like her? I practically had to beat the guys off with a stick!

As her best friend, I picked out the best guys for her to experiment with and enjoy FULLY!


Now, I know it was an accident that you became a cuckold. You had no idea that so many guys with not just the money, but the bodies would flock to your slut wife like a moth to a flame. Did you think professional poker players just sat around eating at the buffet? Well, maybe sometimes, but for the most part, they love hanging out at the pool and the gym.

I made sure your wife picked up guys at both places.

After all, sweetie pie, it’s Vegas, and it is definitely not the place to be shy. This is the type of place where a woman like your wife can exercise her wild freedom and live life to the fullest. I hate to say it, Mr. Cuckie, but I’m afraid some of these guys were quite wealthy and well hung.

I know one guy was saying he was going to fly your wife to his yacht every month. 🙂

Don’t cry about her answer.

Just remember my little cuckold, when she is happy, you are happy, too!

Hugs and kisses!

Mistress Simone



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