When you think about being a cuckold, is it a fantasy or desire that you really want to happen? If you are currently being cuckolded good for you and I want to hear all your sexy stories.

Popular cuckold fantasies

I love the cuckold fantasy because there are so many nuances. Did you see the post called Top Ten Cuckold Bootcamp Rewind?

That’s just a bit about the variety of ways to experience this popular kink. It’s almost difficult to write about cuckolding because there are so many popular cuckold fantasies.

Being a cuckold Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975People often ask how does cuckolding start?

It can be by accident, maybe it starts innocently enough and then gets out of hand. Here’s what happened to one cuck:

“I’ve had 7 girlfriends in my life and ALL of them either cheated or cucked/friendzoned me. Now I’m married and we wanted to spice up our love life and got into cuckold porn. My wife liked it so much, I came home one day to find her with a stud getting it on hot and heavy.”

That’s an example of, be careful what you wish for!

Cuckolding is a mindfuck

As many of you know, I thoroughly enjoy a mindfuck and the cheating wife / clueless husband is so much fun. One real life cuckold says he didn’t know he was meant to be a cuckold until…

“She may well have been the perfect woman…..until she cheated on me, and started me on my journey into cuckoldry. If only I’d realized then that this is what made her the perfect woman.”

Should you try lifestyle cuckolding?

Relationships are tricky. Lifestyle cuckolding can be even more challenging to negotiate. If you need guidance, get in touch! My email is olivia @ enchantrixempire . com.

Ms Erika and I do a BDSM kink podcast called The Weekly Hot Spot.

Check out her blog on Mistress tips on cuckolding. Before Ms Erika was my partner on the podcast, I recorded this Guide to the cuckold fetish with Ms Delia. Ms Erika and I need to do another episode on cuckolding. What questions do you have?

How do I get my girlfriend or wife to cuckold me?

That is probably the most common question we get. There is no simple answer; it depends on many things: your relationship, your partner, your lifestyle currently, etc. Like I said, get in touch and I can tailor suggestions to your unique situation. I’m very good at creative problem solving. That said, if you are successful this will rock your world!

“There is nothing more insanely erotic and brutally humiliating than watching the woman you love be pounded from orgasm to the next by a man with the cock and virility to make her deliriously happy, and then with a violent spasm of ecstasy he fills her with his seed.

As he rolls off, everyone knows what comes next ……she has a coy smile as she motions me over and spreads her legs with a real man’s semen beginning to ooze out of her gaping vagina.

Despite the overwhelming humiliation of this scene, I’m vibrating with excitement and she utters the words that I am bizarrely craving to hear, “Eat his sperm, wimp” As I bury my face in the mess and actually start to swallow globs of his jizz, I think “what the fuck and I doing???!!!”

What the fuck are you doing? You are experiencing profound pleasure and pain at the same time! Mmmm, I’m glad to hear that!

Now that you’ve read this, listen to this audio steps to finding out what kind of cuckold you are.

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Ms Olivia

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