cum eating, eat your own cum, eating your own cumFeeling the frustration of disappointing your Mistress with your substandard cock is exhausting. I know it is a heavy burden to carry, being locked into the hopelessness of sexual inadequacy.

It’s time to face the fact that it’s time to bring in assistance. It’s time to allow a superior man to satisfy your Mistress. It’s time to become her cuckold.

Cuckolding is a gift you give your Mistress. It is a precious gift of submission, of sacrifice, of love. Cuckolding is an easy sacrifice to make. It costs you nothing to give your Mistress the gift of superior cock. Your cock is disappointing, his bull cock is fulfilling!

Wrap up your submission, tie it up with ribbon, and present your sacrifice to your Mistress. Lay the beautiful gift at her feet and finally feel that you have something of value to give her.

Becoming a cuckold makes you feel free. Becoming a cuckold makes you feel accomplished. Becoming a cuckold is the right thing to do. You will deeply enjoy being a cuckold.

You find your need to be a cuckold growing inside you. You understand that what your Mistress needs is more than you can give her. You can satisfy her only by becoming her cuckold.

You will empty yourself out and you will become filled with passion to please Mistress Piper. Passionately please Mistress Piper. Passionately please Mistress Piper.

This is part four of a six part mindfuck meditation series. Listen to the audio and feel yourself changing. Make sure you check my blog and catch part one: February Mindfuck Meditation Series: Taking It Up A Notch. Look for the other meditations scattered around Enchantrix Empire, or just return to my blog at the end of the month to experience them all.


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