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Good Cuckolds Obey!

We have already established that you are not the type of man who can please his wife. Now is the best time to learn how to be a good cuckold. The first thing you have to do is swallow your dignity. You are not fit to give your wife a proper orgasm , so you will help her shop for sexy clothes to wear for the man who can. When your puny dick gets hard you will apologize to your hot wife for letting it get that way. You will tell her you cannot help it because she is the stuff that wet dreams are made of.

A Good Cuckold

A good cuckold makes himself available for any tasks that his hot wife needs tending to. Make sure you get the perfect outfit ready for her date. Whether she is going out to meet her bull at a special high-end hotel or entertaining at home, it is your job to make sure everything is perfect. She will require your help to bathe and zip up her dress. Try not to drool or get your unworthy Vienna sausage dick hard. None of this is for you!

Fluff for Your Wife

If your slut wife decides to fuck at home, remember that part of being a good cuckold is making your mouth available. This means you should be ready for cuckold fluffer duties. Humiliation is part of being in a relationship with a hot, trophy wife that every virile man wants. Getting on your knees to get the man, who will fuck your wife to orgasm is enough to bring any wimpy cuck to tears. You may be crying while you suck cock, but do it to wifey’s satisfaction. Maybe she will let you watch when the fun begins.


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