Will a Woman Marry You Even if You’re a Sissy Cuck Boy

Married sissy cuckold wannabes, listen up! I speak to married sissy cuckolds daily and their wives know about their spouse’s love of panties and stay married to them anyway. The situations varies in each relationship.

Just the other day I spoke to three married sissy cuckolds in a row. Each one was in a different but common cuckold situation.

Married and Wife Tolerates

Some married sissies have wives that said they were okay with their cross-dressing. As time went on, their wives became less enthusiastic. In these situations, the wife usually allow their hubby to dress in private, but wants no part in it. If you’re in this situation and craving a woman who accepts you and your appetite for cross-dressing, then speaking with a beautiful Mistress who understands you can be surprisingly gratifying. This is one of the reasons Phone Sex trumps many other types of sexual play.

Married and Wife Cuckolds

Some married sissies are too afraid to tell their significant other about their cross-dressing. One of my callers recently told me that he had been dressing for years but had been too afraid to tell his wife. When she caught him dressing she used it as an excuse to have sex with other men. When he called me, he was in the guest room while his wife and a stud she’d brought home were having sex in his bedroom next door. If this is your situation, we can talk about ways to bring it up, or sometimes just discussing your situation can bring relief.

Cuckolded Craving Cock

Almost all of my married sissy cuckold callers confess that they crave cock and think about it all the time. Have I just made your heart pound harder? If you want to explore your darker fantasies with me, you will begin to enjoy a level of sexuality that you may never have thought possible. Sissy cuckolds, it’s time for your own adventures!


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