Ms Piper introduces you to cbt and pain play.

Just a tease is all you get!

A Mistress friend of mine told me that she and her cuckold have been exploring CBT and pain play, and she said she finally enjoys playing with her cuckold husband and his disappointing dick.

This got my attention, because I haven’t wanted to play with your cock for years, which is quite understandable since my big dicked boyfriend and I have been banging it out for a very long time. You’ve been giving me those sad, forlorn looks and I know it’s only a matter of time before you start whining.

I have some brand new CBT toys to play with you. There’s this cute little parachute thingy with weights on it, this clear mashy contraption, and a few little swatters. I can’t wait to try them out on you!

You’re excited when I tell you to report to our bedroom and get naked. Your little penis finally going to get some attention! You look quite confused when I show you my new toys–they look a little scary!

After I get you tied down, your poor little cuckold cock is too stupid to be afraid. It sticks straight up! This makes it a little difficult to get your cock and balls through the hole in the back of the plexiglass cock and ball squisher. I finally get it in, and then I place the top plate on it and begin screwing it down. Wow, do you have something to say about that!

While I have your cock and balls squished down, I begin playing with your nipples–well, actually I begin scratching them with my nails and twisting them. Your screams intensify, which only gets me more excited!

In the end, you’re treated to a hand job after I release you from your torment. As you cum, I remind you that I still have toys we haven’t tried. I’m looking forward to NEXT time!


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