Welcome to the last installment to Exploring Cuckolding today we talk about cuckold services. Some services you may have garnered from the previous two posts: Exploring Cuckolding With Mistress Erika, and Exploring Cuckolding-Cuckold How Kinky Are You? But wrapping up this cuckolding series today I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the following. Cuckolding is both challenging and rewarding, and typically lifestyle cuckolding doesn’t necessarily follow the plot lines of porn which feature cuckolding. Well, none that I’ve seen. Each cuckolding couple addresses and journeys their own way.


Explore Your Cuckold Fantasies

Cuckold Service: Submission To Hot Wife

Submission plays a big part in being a cuckold, in the most intimate and humiliating forms. Your desires, your ability to control what goes on is given to your Hot Wife. Her desires and pleasures come first. Your pleasure comes third. Feet rub, or better yet foot worship to help your lady get into her powerful sexy mindset. You , perhaps caged, tending to her every need. It’s date night, and you need to get it right.

Cuckold Bull Service

You cuckie, are you required to submit to, and service her Bull? Your lovely lady instructing you, telling you what would please her. The Bull smirks and enjoys. She’s in control.

But , Bull service goes far beyond fluffing duties at her request. A Bull Service might be whatever Your Bull Dictates.
The Bull’s role in the dynamic just may be the dominant role.

You heard me correctly. Both in fantasy and in lifestyle the bull dominates Both you and your lovely. Often, in a strange higher/lower sub structure/hierarchy , where the man is always on the lower level. You don’t blame her though, do you? Your subspace is that much more painfully sweet when he dominates you AND your lady.Wow, talk about taking it to another dimension!

Cuckold Services: Sissy Cuckold House Husband

This amuses me. I encounter a surprisingly number of callers who fantasize about this. Don’t know of any, or have spoken with a lifestyle sissy cuckold sissy husband. This certainly turns many social norms on their ear. It’s fantastic!

Pretty in pink sissy cuckold husband keeps house, dusting, vacuuming, tending to the daily tasks to run a home. Hot Wife supports them, as she’s better adept at that then he is , anyway. With sissy cuckold house husbands services he not only submits but in many ways, now is that much more vulnerable to her. After all a Hot wife would insist that everything be in her name. Her name alone. Are you a sissy cuckold husband, real time? I want to talk with you! I have a lot of questions!

Even if you just remove the sissy from the above description and you find yourself a house husband with your wife or girlfriend staying at work later and later. Seems to be more weekend work, as well as those late nights. We need to talk about your concerns.

Is it time for you? Time for you to explore cuckolding? I want to hear your details!

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