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Churchmouse has been my blaspheming slut bunny for uh…. almost 3 years now? It started out innocently enough, but as you know with me, I have a strong pull and addictive influence on all who enter my domain. And I’m a fucking sadist. So it wasn’t long before the wholesome, church going, ice cream salesman embarked on a path where he no longer had control of his penis, and would fuck a rotisserie chicken and then eat it, if I so much as snapped my fingers. My influence on him is so potent, that he ended up telling a friend (I use that term loosely) about his cuckolding, blasphemous, dark Lordess… and then the gooning friend, called me!

Cuckold Referral

Apparently they met on some online forum and started chatting, and churchmouse told the gooner cuckold, about me, his Mistress. Somehow the subject of cock size arose, and churchmouse admitted to him that he didn’t know he had a little dick, until he started doing calls with me. To which the gooner, told him, that he had a rather good size, 7 inch penis. Now as you know, 7 inches is a good size, especially if it’s a girthy cock. So while not king dong size, still a decently sized penis. Churchmouse went all heart eyes and drooly and begged his new friend, to call me, AND HE DID, and that’s how I found out that his friend was  gooning, chronic masturbating, cuckold who was addicted to big black cock porn. Churchmouse really knows how to pick em!

When Your Cuckold Friend has a Bigger Dick Than You

I actually think it’s kinda sweet that churchmouse has found himself a little cuckold support group for losers. *snortlaugh* And apparently finding out his goon buddy has a 7 inch dick, made him pitch a tiny boner. As churchmouse has told me repeatedly, he lucked out by marrying a sexually inexperienced woman, and by having a good job. If it wasn’t for that, his wife probably would have cuckolded him a long time ago. *more laughter* So here’s your call to action: Refer a friend to Mistress Brighton. The title is cuckold referral, after all. Tell a friend, tell two friends, make sure they know just how far down the path of cuckolding I will take them, and that they will end up fucking food, for me… at some point. After you refer a friend to the cuckold Mistress, it’s your turn to call me and show me your unyielding devotion. Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. I look forward to hearing from you, AND your loser cuckold friends.


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