Cuckold is Humiliated by Bratty Princess Britany

A spoiled princess is a delight to behold for an older man with a taste for being cuckolded. A clever princess will figure this out immediately. What does she get out of it? Plenty! What does he get out of it? Humiliation. Plenty of it. Expensive dinners, expensive clothes, lingerie that she will wear for the bull. Cuck gets nothing mostly except the pleasure of seeing his little prize sitting on top of a fine black dick. Bulls hands will delight in squeezing her perfect tits, sweet plump ass. All the while cuck man watches as she enjoys the big stiff pole. Bull just does his job as he should, fucking the perfect pussy.

Princess Loves Prezzies

Soon comes the brand new car, maybe even a spacious condo on the ocean. He gets to request dates as princess wears her expensive clothes, and he is treated like a peasant in front of his friends. Sometimes pictures of the bull are left around for his friends to see. Princess is always pure class. That’s all they get to see.

The Best for the Bull

There may come a time when that big black bull needs a place to stay. Princess decides that cuck will stay in the small spare room at his house. Cuck has five bedrooms but it’s decided he is to be banished to the smallest of bedrooms so he can listen to hot sex in the next room.

Sissy Time

The next day princess announces “It’s sissy time”! with a bag full of Victoria’s Secret slut lingerie. Well after all, when princess gets bored, it’s what happens. Doesn’t it?


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