A Makeover and Much More

Not that she needs a makeover, as she is as hot as it gets, but the fact is she is bored with her looks, makeup, and hair. She has something in mind. Mainly, she is about to cuckold her long time husband as it was once upon a time agreed upon.

Finally the day has come. He is about 100 lbs heavier and his dick has shrunk at least two inches. He is bald and no longer attractive, but he at least makes much more money. He can definitely afford to send her to the hair stylist, even to the plastic surgeon to have breasts built as large as she wants. She has met a bull who suggested it. She has been fucking his big black dick for a month now, and hubby knows!

Bull gets all the benefit of the hot wife beauty while chubby hubby gets to watch and also fluff his cock. There is no pre nuptial involved, just the exciting agreement from long ago. Chubs used to get a raging stiffie thinking about her riding a stiff black dick. Now it’s time. Bull has demanded that the beauty is to fuck hubby with a big strap on to get him used to being penetrated while the beauty is recuperating from Bull’s big twelve incher. Of course, chubbs will suck the strap on for practice, too.

During her shopping trip for clothes, jewelry, and lingerie, she will pick up some surprise items for chubbs. Provocative cock sucking slut clothes, of course, and maybe a sissy maid uniform for service times when chubbs is allowed to serve drinks and snacks. Standing by the bed with towel around arm is not to be used for cum collection. You will eat every bit of it and love it. His and yours!


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