So, you want to watch your wife be with other men, do you? You think it would be so hot to suck on her nipples while she is being fucked by that enormous black dick, right? And, what if your wife was all gung ho for the idea… enlisting you to help her find just the right guy?

Finding the Bull

You two, a loving married couple, wanting more spice in your life, head out, dressed up so nicely, she in a dress slit up her thigh and you in your best suit. You go to the local club, one with dancing in one section and in another, a piano bar. You show off your wife like she is a trophy you have won, your cock hard as steel in your suit pants as you see the men checking out your wife.
“What do you think about that one?” you ask. “He looks like he has a big dick hiding in those jeans.”
And your wife leaves your side to go dance with BigDickJeanGuy… and little do you know, your world is about to change forever.

Know Your Role

Where you were once the proud carrier of the trophy, you have suddenly become the one who carries her bags while she shops for her new lover. You hand over the credit card, she never spending another dime of her money on herself… and you even pay for her dates, meals, hotel rooms and yes, even her new car… all so you can sit in the room whacking off as she canoodles her big, black lover on the other side of town.
You thought it would be more fun for you, didn’t you? You thought you would get to watch, at least. Well, your wife put you in your place, now didn’t she?! If you are lucky, you might get to eat her lover’s cum out of her pussy.
Does all this make you hard, too?


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