Sissy Cuckold

Not every cuckold is made to be a sissy, but it would definitely be my order because I love to be amused. When I see a little dick I immediately think sissy. This is how it would be in a cuckold relationship for me. Should my relationship transform to cuckoldry, the bull would not be in charge. I would! Since I believe strongly in FLR, I would create the reality.

Cuckold Humiliation

Back to that pink nighty in the corner, on his knees stroking his little dick, and paying close attention to that big bull cock satisfying his Femdom. He has his place in the humiliation pool called cuckoldry. He has pride being the sissy cuckold he is and grateful for permissions to stroke his cock. He loves the fact that he will be eating the cream pie. The honor of holding that big bull in his hands, fluffing that cock, inserting it into his Femdom makes him happy.

Mistress in Charge

Since he has cuckold pride, he happily provides all services to Mistress and her bull without complaint. What is his reward? Serving his Mistress of course. What else could be more important than that. Femdom rules, always. Now what about the bull’s place? He gets as much quality pussy as he is allowed to. The bull is over when Mistress wants him to be over, never when he demands. Mistress then enjoys his magnificent cock when she wants it. No demands fall on Femdom. She is the Queen, the dominant hot wife who calls all the shots. This is my vision of a cuckold relationship.


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