Sissy Husband is a Cuckold Cinderella.

Poor little sissy has turned into a cuckold husband due to Mistress Cassandra’s disdain for tiny little cocks. Not only is sissy a domestic slave, but now has to do all the foot work to find the big black dick Mistress craves. In this story, sissy will not find a prince charming.

The new duties are many and varied. Sissy has hunted down bulls for interviews and has gotten the whole house in order. The sheets are changed and the gourmet food is shopped for. The bull has been chosen. Muscular and tall, the bulge in his pants defines his attractiveness to Mistress.

Cuckold Cinderella has Fluff Gurl duty.

Sissy gleefully interviewed his cock, too. She sucked his cock and ate the cum, reported to Mistress how virile he was, even with a lowly sissy. His muscles were hard and his ass was made for fucking in rhythm. Bull announced he would be fucking the sissy face often because he intended to wear out Mistress and she would need to rest. Sissy will be the fluff gurl every time.

Sissy will make a place at the foot of the bed while his Mistress and bull have sex. She will be the clean up gurl and cream pie eater. She will sleep on the floor next to the bed while the hot sex goes on all hours. There are no pumpkin carriages in this story. Sissy is ordered to fetch a cum towel and through the night, stoically enduring the towel thrown in her face repeatedly. The humiliation laughter goes on relentlessly.

Does Sissy get to cum?

The biggest humiliation of all is the ever popular dick comparison game and the pictures that follow, especially with the little sheer pink panties. Sissy wonders if it is her turn to finally cum. Upon asking the question, she turns to see Mistress with a pink chastity cage in her hand and a smirk on her lips. Maybe next year, dear sissy cuckold husband.


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