You deserve to be a cuckold.

You’ve earned everything that ever happened to you or for you. Worked for it, sweated for it, earned it! So what makes you think don’t deserve to be a cuckold? After all, in this merit-based world, the position you have is what you deserve. You deserve this, and only this. If you were more deserving, better, a better lover or a better man, you’d be the stud, the alpha male, the King of the hill. Instead, look at yourself. Look at this life! You’ve got a pathetic little dick, and you’ve earned exactly this. You deserve the life of a cuck.

Welcome to the new world, cuckie.

Harper 1 800 356 6169 you deserve to be a humiliated cuckoldThis is where you belong: bottom of the heap. You haven’t earned the respect of your betters, and you certainly haven’t earned the right to call yourself a man. You’re a humiliated cuckold, through and through, and everyone around you knows. Maybe they don’t know consciously, but you give off the vibe, the energy, of a pathetic little cuckold. You’ve worked really hard to cover it up all this time, but your disguise is getting thin, and the truth is starting to show through. You deserve to be a cuckold, and now, it’s become undeniable.

You deserve to be a cuckold.

You’ve done nothing to earn a better position. Your dick is pathetic and little, you cum too fast, and you can’t lick pussy for shit. You’re pathetic and weak, and I bet you’re crying right now with the weight of the realization. You know that the best thing you could do for the women in your life is to fuck right off, don’t you? You need to get out of the way of the real men, the men who can do what you just plain can’t: pleasure a woman in all the best ways. You need to kneel, to submit, to know your place. You deserve this. You’re a cuckold.

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