This all started when this guy I was dating {I call him Big Pussy for obvious reasons} asked to accompany me to the club. Now Big Pussy and I have an arrangement. He is too much of a pussy to handle a woman like me and he knows it, so he tells me I can do whatever I want, as long as I tell him all about it, thus fulfilling his humiliation and bi fantasies. Not only does Big Pussy give me all the freedom I desire, he will also do WHATEVER I ask, so it’s up to me whether I want to include him in my sex-capades. I decided he could come, knowing full well that I would be seeing Will you be the next cuckold in Ms. Audrey's dollhouse?this well hung mechanic named Mike at the club. Mike has a thing for me and Big Pussy knows, but doesn’t like it.

It wasn’t long before Mike and I got into a deep and intimate conversation at the bar that ended with him taking my hand and pulling me outside to the alley behind the club. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Big Pussy’s crestfallen face…but I just couldn’t help myself! Mike is incredibly well endowed and when a virile alpha-male wants a blow job, who am I to say no?

When I came back Big Pussy started whining that he saw me outside with Mike. I give Big Pussy my brattiest princess smile. BJs are a delightful treat reserved only for my alpha-male boyfriends. Big Pussy has never experienced one from me and never will. I tell Big Pussy to calm down and I pull him to me and give him a deep and creamy French Kiss. Big Pussy tastes the cum and I see a million emotions flash across his face. I look down and see a bulge in his pants. That’s what I thought. Big Pussy finally says slowly, why don’t you bring Mike home for the night? I was planning on it, I tell him.

After I gave Big Pussy a creamy french kiss, we headed home and during the whole car ride back he begged me to let him watch me and Mike. I told him I’d think about it, but when we got home I slid a cage on him and firmly told him, “Into the dollhouse you go!” You didn’t think the title of this story was about a metaphorical dollhouse did you?!

I have a pretty pink dollhouse that sits on the floor right next to my bed for ‘special occasions’. I made Big Pussy build it himself. It’s furnished with a pink flowered sleeping bag and a box of kleenex. Big Pussy has to crawl into it whenever I bring dates home and wait until I tell him he can come out.

Sometimes if he’s lucky I’ll serve him a miniature cream pie while he’s waiting…haha!


Cuckold Fantasies

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