Are you tired of sitting at home, waiting for your wife to finally show up? How many times have you looked at that clock? It’s no secret that your wife isn’t working late like she claims. She’s ignoring your texts, and has no explanation when she gets home and heads straight to the shower. You’re losing control of your marriage, but you don’t have to be left out in the cold. You can become a cuckold cocksucker.

Want to suck cock? Speak up!

The first thing you need to do is let your wife know that you know what’s happening. She might admit it right away, but she’ll more than likely deny it or be defensive. Explain that you want her to be happy, that you understand her desires and that this could be something you both share and enjoy together. By becoming her fluffer, your fantasies become reality, and nothing has to change between her and her lover. Everybody wins!

Cum eating keeps things tidy….

After you have prepared your wife’s lover and have watched them enjoy each other, offer your personal clean-up services as a courtesy, humbling yourself while being useful. Slurping her stretched, filled hole offers your wife those final thrills after sex and shows silent respect to the man that was able to please her. Taking care of that creampie feeds your fantasies, as well. It feels taboo, and once you’ve developed a taste, you’ll crave it again and again!

If you want nothing more than to be a cuckold cocksucker, let’s explore some fantasies to help you prepare! I can’t wait to talk to a cuckold-in-training, just like you!

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